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10/30/18 10:11pm
Founders of the group are making mental wellness a priority. 
10/25/18 9:00am
The AKO Foundation, the charity branch of hedge fund AKO Capital LLP,  granted the donation which will also fund the Katja and Nicolai Tangen International Endowed Scholarship.
10/02/18 9:00am
The donation from 1984 Wharton graduate Marc J. Rowan and Carolyn Rowan surpassed Huntsman's $40 million, which had been the largest single contribution to Wharton for 20 years.
09/24/18 8:13pm
Unaffiliated with previous socialist efforts, Penn Socialists said it is bringing ongoing education and activism to the Penn community. 
09/13/18 12:22am
The NIC policy, which must be implemented by September 2019, prohibits alcohol products exceeding 15 percent alcohol by volume at any chapter event or chapter facility, unless the liquor is served by a licensed third-party vendor. 
09/11/18 9:32pm
While academic archives are useful for those who have access to them, not all students do. A survey from the UA found that only one third of 300 student respondents reported having access to such resources.
09/06/18 10:31am
The announcement of Huntsman Hall's nightly closing at 2 a.m. – an effort by the Wharton administration to improve campus wellness – sparked widespread student criticism in the past two weeks. 
08/30/18 4:17pm
Wharton administrators say they decided to change Huntsman Hall's opening hours after 'collaborative discussions' with students, but it is still unclear to what extent student feedback was taken into account.
08/23/18 8:37pm
Among the new reforms in place this year, clubs can only begin accepting applications on Sept. 30, a month after school formally starts.
04/17/18 6:49pm
One of the features of the exhibit will be a side-by-side comparison of a map of Nippur in 1400 BCE and a 2017 map of the SEPTA transit system. 
04/05/18 2:02am
After visiting other campuses, JHU President Ron Daniels said he found that the University was 'dramatically out of step with our peers' in regards to campus security.
03/26/18 1:12am
OWN IT UPenn is part of a broader series of satellite summits, which first began at Georgetown University in 2014, and has since expanded to 11 universities across the nation.
02/26/18 10:53pm
In addition to collaboration with Hillel, the event was sponsored by 12 constituent groups on campus, whose organizations are rooted in politics and political affairs.
02/17/18 5:22pm
Yagoda visited the Writers House as a part of an ongoing speaker series funded by a donation from 1962 College graduate Maury Povich.
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