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11/02/23 4:53pm
Penn Democrats urge the Penn community to vote on Nov. 7 in light of recent United States Supreme Court decisions and efforts to dismantle our fundamental rights.   
11/07/22 4:33am
Lt. Gov. John Fetterman’s fight against adversity and commitment to the people of Pennsylvania is exactly what we need in our next U.S. Senator. 
10/27/22 10:39am
Penn Democrats highlight the importance of voting Josh Shapiro for Governor over Doug Mastriano this midterm election.
04/07/21 12:07am
Penn Dems argues that President Biden must revisit the immigrations policies on which he campaigned and fix the ongoing immigration crisis at the southern border.
11/03/14 10:46pm
Luckily, however, voters need not merely vote against the past four years. They can go to the polls and vote for the future. Tom Wolf, whom President Bill Clinton called “the best candidate for governor in America,” offers the chance for a new, progressive direction for Pennsylvania.
10/27/14 10:50pm
Income inequality is also preventing economic mobility. We love to talk about the “American dream,” that working hard and playing by the rules leads to success, but it’s harder for Americans who are born poor to succeed than it is in just about any other advanced nation.
10/20/14 10:37pm
The attack on women in America needs to end. Despite being one of the most developed and influential countries in the world, we are decades behind many other countries when it comes to reproductive rights. While European countries provide free access to contraceptives and encourage comprehensive sex education, in America, women’s health care autonomy is limited by the religious and moral views of others.
10/13/14 10:11pm
Corbett, the Republican governor elected in 2010, has used his one term in office to cut education funding, halt economic growth and attack women’s rights and LGBT equality. He hasn’t earned our vote, and he hasn’t earned yours.
10/06/14 11:52pm
Right now, as we grapple with yet another tragedy on our own campus, any effort to help those suffering with mental health issues should be praised and bolstered, not condemned. When even the care that Counseling and Psychological Services provides — from one-on-one counseling to group therapy sessions — is not always enough for a student struggling with mental health issues, how can we begin to think about repealing a law that works to make this type of care affordable for all Americans?
09/29/14 11:15pm
Pennsylvania is one of just 14 states with hate crime laws that do not include protections for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community. Hate crime protection increases the severity of charges for violence motivated by malicious intent, and these laws protect the people in our community who are the most vulnerable. It is inexcusable that the LGBT community is not protected.
09/22/14 11:07pm
Fortunately, Republicans were not able to cut SNAP funding by $40 billion. Still, Republicans were somewhat successful in their quest to cut aid to the needy. Earlier this year, President Obama signed into law a compromise agreement that cut SNAP by almost $9 billion.As a result of those cuts, 175,000 Pennsylvania families will lose $65 in benefits each month. Many of these families undoubtedly live close to Penn, and perhaps some of the affected children are those whom Penn students tutor in local schools. For families that have already been struggling to make ends meet, these cuts will be devastating.
09/15/14 11:01pm
We must realize that the institutional popularity of colleges and sports programs is nowhere near as important as the lives and livelihoods of the innocent women, and men, they so readily sweep under the rug. Until then, an insidious culture that protects the image of influential organizations at whatever cost will continue to prevail.
03/17/14 4:35pm

Guest column by Penn Democrats | Daylin Leach: Fighting for Pennsylvania, fighting for Equality, fighting for You

Quite simply, Daylin Leach has shown an unparalleled commitment to making people’s lives better.
11/05/12 1:57am

Guest Column | The choice is clear

Let’s stand united as a campus behind that vision and support Barack Obama for President, Bob Casey for senator, and Kathleen Kane for attorney general.
11/06/06 5:00am

Message from Penn Democrats

Tomorrow, as Americans, we have an opportunity - and a responsibility - to make a decision about the future of our country. Will we continue the misguided war in Iraq, or will we adopt a timetable for bringing our troops home? Will we continue the $12.
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