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01/19/21 5:30pm
As President Biden takes office, he arrives with a full plate of national crises and a unified government. Here are five things Penn Dem's thinks he should focus on.
03/21/20 3:21pm
More than ever before, we also need a leader capable of guiding our country and restoring our democracy. That Democrat at the top of the ticket will be Joe Biden, and Penn Dems is proud and excited to endorse him. 
09/09/14 12:01am
The War on Drugs is a pandemic, and we do not pretend that these policies are a panacea. Still, the City Council’s and Sen. Leach’s prescriptive measures are steps in the right direction, and we can’t afford to miss the forest for the trees.
09/01/14 4:35pm

Penn Dems | This stuff matters

Let us introduce ourselves: we are the Penn Democrats, the most active political group on campus.
04/14/13 10:45pm

Penn Democrats Executive Board | Enough is enough

Penn Democrats asks the Penn community to join us in demanding sensible and meaningful gun control legislation.
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