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08/16/18 12:04pm
Finding our place at Penn doesn’t have to involve forcing ourselves to prioritize external accomplishments over internal fulfillment.
07/04/18 8:34am
Deciding to study what we enjoy can be intellectually freeing, but enjoyment doesn't always help us decide what to study. We may enjoy a lot of subjects, we won’t enjoy every moment of any subject, and often our enjoyment of a subject grows with an investment of time and effort.
06/07/18 9:06am
The notion that being in college and living a healthy lifestyle are mutually exclusive is concerning. Treating sleep deprivation as a given and sleep as a luxury feeds an unhealthy culture of impossible standards
06/01/18 8:55am
While navigating everyday life, we often neglect our responsibility to the environment. Our actions have consequences for the environment, and we should care. 
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