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04/27/10 3:46am
West Philadelphia has seen a growth in vegan dining at cafes, restaurants and even grocery stores — driven in part by student demand.
04/22/10 3:29am
Philadelphia, a leader in programs for the homeless, spends $50 million in federal funding a year on shelter and rehousing programs, but homelessness remains widespread.
04/21/10 4:05am
As internet bookshelves grow, booksellers that remain standing — including giants Barnes and Noble and recently rescued Borders — find terra firma difficult to navigate.
04/19/10 4:10am

West Philadelphia High faces large changes

Located just a few blocks from campus at 47th and Walnut streets, West Philadelphia High School is causing heated debate in the community.
04/13/10 4:51am
Starting June 4, a new farmers’ market will set up shop outside the Radian, at 3925 Walnut St. Local vendors will sell an assortment of fruits, vegetables, sustainably grown meats and freshly baked goods every Friday from noon to 2 p.m. through the end of July.
04/12/10 3:21am
The month has been on calendars across the country since 1996, when the Academy of American Poets first created it. Many in the poetry community, however, find that April’s special designation does not make poetry resonate louder than it would any other month.
04/09/10 2:39am

Center City mural will feature Penn Nursing

Nationally renowned muralist Meg Saligman’s latest project, “The Evolving Face of Nursing,” will provide a glimpse into the future of the profession, using innovative techniques to showcase how nursing has evolved.
04/02/10 4:06am

Experts weigh pros and cons of revamping mental health manual

Scientists are debating what constitutes normal and pathological behavior with the release of the draft of the fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for Mental Disorders. But some are also critical of the manual itself.
03/18/10 4:53am

Clark Park to receive revamp

The north side of Clark Park, known as Park A — which spans from 43rd to 44th streets, and from Baltimore to Chester avenues — will undergo extensive revitalization over the summer.
03/04/10 2:28am
A recent report found bicycle sharing to be feasible in Philadelphia and recommended a startup program of 1,750 bicycles based on comparisons with networks in other cities, including Boston, Montreal and Paris.
03/02/10 4:00am

Experts say new credit card law won't affect students significantly

As part of the act, individuals under 21 years of age seeking to open a credit card account need a cosigner or the ability to prove sufficient assets for repayment.
02/26/10 12:55am

Experts analyze 'Let's Move' anti-obesity campaign

Though many think a healthy lifestyle can easily be achieved through diet and exercise, the success of anti-obesity programs depends on a host of external factors, according to experts.
02/23/10 6:53am

New federal credit policy takes effect

A federal credit policy that seeks to protect consumers from what President Barack Obama referred to as “deceptive, unfair tactics” practiced by credit card companies took effect Monday.
02/19/10 6:13am
Those in need can now find a new source of fresh produce in West Philadelphia. Philabundance opened a new food distribution site at 49th and Spruce streets.
02/12/10 7:04am
How Philly Moves — a 50,000-square foot, five-story-tall mural to be displayed on the side of the Philadelphia International Airport parking garage — is part of a movement by the Mural Arts Program to beautify the city’s gateways.
02/09/10 6:16am
The 40th Street Artist-in-Residence and ArtsEdge programs aim to provide emerging West Philadelphia artists an opportunity to devote themselves to their art without distraction.
02/03/10 6:30am
In an effort to promote higher education among West Philadelphia high schoolers, Penn’s Netter Center for Community Partnerships matched adolescents with advisors Tuesday as part of Shadowing Day.
01/28/10 12:21am
Winner of the urbanSHED Competition, first-year Design student Young-Hwan Choi’s project, “Urban Umbrella,” presents a sleek, environmentally friendly alternative to urban sheds, structures that are legally mandated in New York City to keep pedestrians safe from falling debris in construction sites.
01/21/10 5:59am
University City Green, a nonprofit organization founded at Penn in 1999, gathers members of the West Philadelphia community to plant and maintain trees.
11/25/08 5:00am

SHS shares costs for HPV vaccine

After two years of negotiations with the insurance provider Aetna, the human papillomavirus vaccine is now more affordable for students under the Penn Student Insurance Plan. The $140 shot will now cost $40 under a co-pay program for eligible women insured by PSIP.
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