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04/28/10 11:33pm

Providing a ‘haven’ for students, formerly homeless

Penn Haven, a campus homeless advocacy group, hopes to open a house in which Penn students and 18- to 22-year-old “formerly homeless youth or youth that had been through the child welfare system” will live under the same roof, College senior and Penn Haven member Maggie Tishman said.
04/07/10 4:27am

A step closer to the God particle

The European Organization for Nuclear Research completed a successful run of the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva, marking a major milestone in the search for the "God particle."
02/18/10 4:41am
Penn students worked up an appetite throwing snowballs and sledding down the Locust Walk bridge during last week’s snowstorms, which boosted traffic at some local businesses.
01/22/10 3:32am
Four food trucks around the city have been decorated as part of the Lunch Truck Project by ArtWorks!, an after-school arts program for Philadelphia youth run by the Mural Arts Program.
01/14/10 3:05am
The Bridge Cinema de Lux, located at 4012 Walnut St., has been acquired by Rave Motion Pictures — but according to the company, the theater’s operations will remain the same for customers in the immediate future.
11/25/08 5:00am

SHS shares costs for HPV vaccine

After two years of negotiations with the insurance provider Aetna, the human papillomavirus vaccine is now more affordable for students under the Penn Student Insurance Plan. The $140 shot will now cost $40 under a co-pay program for eligible women insured by PSIP.
11/14/08 5:00am

Group gets active about mental health

Look for 1,100 backpacks to be spread across College Green today. These backpacks represent the 1,100 college students who commit suicide each year. The event, Send Silence Packing, is part of the 5th National Active Minds conference, which is being held on campus today and tomorrow.
11/13/08 5:00am

City Council serves up nutrition information

That juicy burger or seductive dessert will come with an unexpected add-on in 2010: a calorie count. Philadelphia City Council passed a bill last week requiring chain restaurants to provide nutritional information on their menu boards. Chains with more than 15 locations, including national giants like McDonald's and Starbucks, as well as regional chains such as Saladworks, are now required to provide calorie counts, grams of saturated and trans fats, as well as carbohydrate and sodium information for their menu items.
10/31/08 5:00am

In tough economy, study abroad holds steady

Wall Street's crisis, with all its influence, does not seem to be preventing students from going abroad. With rising flight prices - an 8.1-percent increase in the second quarter alone according to the Transportation Department - and the dollar's slide against currencies such as the euro and the pound, students have many things to consider before embarking on that four-month international trek.
10/30/08 5:00am

Alcohol and your body: No clear wisdom

You might want to think again before downing that third drink. Researchers at Wellesley College have found that drinking more than two servings of alcohol a day can increase the rate at which the brain naturally shrinks. The study, carried out on an adult population with an average age of 60, reported rates that are a quarter faster than the natural rate of brain shrinking, which on average is 1.
10/21/08 5:00am
Penn students, it turns out, aren't lighting up as much as your average college kid. Four percent of Penn students smoke tobacco at least 10 times a month, according to last year's Penn Health and Wellness Survey. American Lung Association figures show that the national average is 20 percent, five times the Penn average.
10/20/08 5:00am

With 3,000 vaccines, SHS preps to fight flu

Health officials have started preparing for the upcoming flu season - but they're not making any predictions about its severity. Predictions for upcoming seasons are difficult to make, as many factors change from one year to the next. Besides ordering vaccinations, making sure students have all the resources for immunization and being vigilant, little else can be done in anticipation of the season.
10/10/08 5:00am

New study sheds light on tumor growth

The devil's advocate may know best in cancer research. Contrary to scientific dogma, Penn researchers have found that certain proteins long thought to suppress tumor growth may actually facilitate it. Complement proteins - a family of 30 proteins that are part of the immune system - had been thought to slow tumor growth, much in the same way they fight bacteria.
10/03/08 5:00am

Studies stir buzz over caffeine risks

As more students turn to energy drinks to help pull all-nighters, health concerns about the beverages are also on the rise. The energy drink industry raked in $477 million in 2006-07, a 34-percent leap from the previous year, according to an Information Resources report.
09/25/08 5:00am

New research links political beliefs to human biology

To explain why one person supports tougher immigration polices and another staunchly opposes the Iraq War, blame biology. University of Nebraska at Lincoln researchers recently compared physiological responses with participants' political views, representing one of the most recent ways scholars are relating biology and politics.
09/18/08 5:00am
DVDs and blow-up dolls from the American Heart Association may soon save lives on campus. Part of a take-home kit, these tools can teach anyone - regardless of medical background - how to perform CPR through a 22-minute hands-on video tutorial. Efforts at getting these kits subsidized and available to students have been pioneered by College senior Kirk Lozada and Benjamin Abella, clinical research director for Penn's Center for Resuscitation Science.
09/12/08 5:00am
Concerns over bisphenol-A - the chemical found in Nalgene bottles and other plastic goods - has sparked nationwide-debate over its safety for consumer use. Since concerns over the chemical surfaced this spring, universities have been paying attention to any possible risks.
09/09/08 5:00am

Stem cell research a focus, despite barriers

When Penn established the Institute for Regenerative Medicine in late 2007, it made a major statement about the University's commitment to stem cell research. And even with struggles for funding in the biomedical sciences and some political opposition to stem cell research, Penn isn't having trouble fulfilling that commitment.
08/28/08 5:00am

CDC: Rates of HIV infection higher than previously thought

By PAMELA ELLERMANN Staff Writer A recent study has found that annual HIV infection rates are higher than originally anticipated. A report by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention revealed HIV incidence - the number of new infections that occur per year - to be 40 percent higher than first estimated for the year 2006.
08/07/08 5:00am

Loans a problem for students

With the cost of tuition rising faster than income levels, loans provide a last-minute recourse for families nationwide as tuition bills roll in. Yet the credit crunch has made finding providers for federal loans more difficult and private loans costlier and scarcer, increasing stress for students and families still seeking funds for tuition.
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