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04/21/20 7:53pm
Kenney wrote the city is incurring “extraordinary expenditures” while also facing significant declines in tax revenue as businesses remain closed during Philadelphia’s stay-at-home order.
04/07/20 8:06pm
Penn Medicine will use the donation to establish the COVID-19 Immunology Defense Fund to focus on testing healthcare workers for immunity, developing a vaccine, and testing other drugs' effectiveness in fighting the virus.
04/05/20 11:00pm
The clinical trials will begin next week and will attempt to determine if the drug can treat already infected people or help prevent infection altogether.
03/31/20 10:34pm
Hahnemann University Hospital closed in September 2019 when owner Joel Freedman requested the city $1 million a month for rent. The hospital will remain closed and unable to treat coronavirus patients.
02/27/20 7:29pm
None of the Jimmy John’s locations mentioned in the warning letter from the FDA are in the state of Pennsylvania.
02/12/20 11:38pm
Pennsylvania’s lawsuit seeks to ban all Juul products in the state.
11/21/19 8:40pm
The study found little evidence to support the idea that the increased diversity benefited Trump relative to past Republican candidates. 
11/14/19 12:50am
The weekly seminar — Jewish Executive Track — brings in Jewish executives and managing directors to speak about their experiences in the business world. 
11/03/19 6:06pm
Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner said he supported Warren’s ideas for promoting economic justice and fighting racial profiling, as well as her desire to lift up lower-income families.  
10/28/19 10:50pm
Penn Common Cents, founded this fall by College sophomore John Ta, is the first club at Penn dedicated to teaching financial literacy to undergraduates.
09/25/19 9:52pm
Professor Margaret Lewis argued that China should unsign the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, a treaty which protects civil and political rights.
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