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Magill's letter details several actions that Penn is taking, which include initiating a review of the process that external groups use to reserve Penn's space and host events on campus.
08/28/23 10:53pm
Residential Services expected 2423 first-year and 133 transfer students, 2398 second-year students, 553 third-year students, and 359 fourth-year students to move into campus housing between Aug. 21 and Aug. 27. 
08/28/23 10:27pm
“Definitely focus on the card in front of you, but don’t lose sight of the brilliant array of cards around you,” Penn President Liz Magill said. 
08/21/23 4:49pm
This line-up of construction joins the renovation to the Quad that has affected on-campus housing options.
08/10/23 12:57am
The new prompt, which was introduced on July 31, moves away from the single short-answer response previously used for all four undergraduate schools.
07/13/23 11:27am
As Wharton Undergraduate Director of Student Life Lee Kramer steps down, he reflects on his time at Penn and plans for the future. 
06/14/23 11:56pm
Penn Med's inpatient addiction program will close in July after all current patients have completed their 30-day stays. 
05/31/23 4:18pm
The tool, called DragGAN, is one of many AI tools that have become widely available for public use. 
04/24/23 12:02am
The prizes are awarded annually to Penn seniors for the development and undertaking of a post-graduation project that aims to positively impact the world. 
04/16/23 11:25pm
The LGBT Center announced ALOK as its first-ever scholar in residence in March following an anonymous $2 million gift to the center.
04/06/23 12:59am
This election was the first in three years to have in-person debates for UA presidential and vice presidential candidates.
03/29/23 12:10am
Hosted by the six student government branches, the programming aimed to offer students a chance to voice their opinions, raise awareness of projects, and increase student involvement with the government. 
03/12/23 10:29pm
The first phase of deliveries occurred from Feb. 21 to Feb. 24 for floors 13 through 24. The second phase of deliveries is scheduled for the rest of the building, and will occur in early March. Harnwell and Harrison will follow in the summer.
02/06/23 11:19pm
The flooding started on the fifth floor and worked its way down to the lobby and exterior of the building.
01/25/23 8:37pm
The restoration will include new HVAC systems, upgraded windows and roofing, all-gender restrooms, updates to office suites and classrooms, and new elevators.
01/10/23 10:06pm
The flooding principally affected the eighth and ninth floors in Harnwell and the 11th and 12th floors in Harrison. 
12/11/22 2:00pm
The confirmation of former Penn President Amy Gutmann as the United States ambassador to Germany at the beginning of 2022 set into motion a months-long presidential transition.
12/08/22 10:01pm
GAPSA’s executive vice president, vice president of finance, and vice president of programming resigned on Nov. 9, triggering a special election. 
10/24/22 1:07am
The event was planned and hosted by Penn Traditions, a student organization under Penn Alumni that aims to “celebrate Penn’s history and traditions, connect students and alumni, and promote and inspire lifelong Penn pride.”
10/17/22 11:02pm
The student residents described slow response times to maintenance issues, including dirty common areas, clogged trash chutes, and malfunctioning elevators.
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