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04/08/24 10:31pm
During the debates, the two presidential candidates — College junior Ria Ellendula and College junior Hannah Liu — discussed their varying priorities.
04/07/24 10:24pm
The first fire alarm — which began at 7 a.m. on March 31 — was caused due to a fire that originated in music room A100
04/05/24 12:08am
Muslim students at Penn have raised concerns with Penn Dining’s Ramadan food options, limited halal dining options, as well as a lack of halal food available on weekends.
03/19/24 10:53pm
Scales — who is currently the associate vice president for Business Services at Temple University — will succeed Marie Witt in the position.
12/12/23 10:23pm
Epstein's promotion was announced in an email from the Interim Chair of the University Board of Trustees Julie Beren Platt.
12/12/23 1:51pm
Jameson has served as executive vice president of the University of Pennsylvania for the Health System and dean of the Perelman School of Medicine since 2011.
11/29/23 10:39pm
President Liz Magill opened the forum by acknowledging the shooting of three college students of Palestinian descent that occurred last Saturday in Burlington, Vermont.
10/26/23 10:39am
The Daily Pennsylvanian spoke to upperclassmen about advice they would give to students choosing classes during Advance Registration, which closes Nov. 13.
10/15/23 1:55pm
The end to the Huntsman Foundation's donations could represent a significant blow to the University's funding amid a growing backlash from Penn trustees and alumni.
10/15/23 12:46pm
In her second statement since the Hamas attack on Israel, Magill referred to the Hamas violence as a terrorist assault, a change from her initial statement. 
10/14/23 4:25pm
"The leadership of UPenn has failed us through an embrace of antisemitism," Gureghian wrote in his resignation letter.
10/04/23 6:58pm
To accommodate the closure of the lower Quad entrance in Riepe, a new Quad entrance was opened next to the Butcher building in Ware College House.
09/22/23 1:01pm
Magill's letter details several actions that Penn is taking, which include initiating a review of the process that external groups use to reserve Penn's space and host events on campus.
08/28/23 10:53pm
Residential Services expected 2423 first-year and 133 transfer students, 2398 second-year students, 553 third-year students, and 359 fourth-year students to move into campus housing between Aug. 21 and Aug. 27. 
08/28/23 10:27pm
“Definitely focus on the card in front of you, but don’t lose sight of the brilliant array of cards around you,” Penn President Liz Magill said. 
08/21/23 4:49pm
This line-up of construction joins the renovation to the Quad that has affected on-campus housing options.
08/10/23 12:57am
The new prompt, which was introduced on July 31, moves away from the single short-answer response previously used for all four undergraduate schools.
07/13/23 11:27am
As Wharton Undergraduate Director of Student Life Lee Kramer steps down, he reflects on his time at Penn and plans for the future. 
06/14/23 11:56pm
Penn Med's inpatient addiction program will close in July after all current patients have completed their 30-day stays. 
05/31/23 4:18pm
The tool, called DragGAN, is one of many AI tools that have become widely available for public use. 
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