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The flooding started on the fifth floor and worked its way down to the lobby and exterior of the building.
01/25/23 8:37pm
The restoration will include new HVAC systems, upgraded windows and roofing, all-gender restrooms, updates to office suites and classrooms, and new elevators.
01/10/23 10:06pm
The flooding principally affected the eighth and ninth floors in Harnwell and the 11th and 12th floors in Harrison. 
12/11/22 2:00pm
The confirmation of former Penn President Amy Gutmann as the United States ambassador to Germany at the beginning of 2022 set into motion a months-long presidential transition.
12/08/22 10:01pm
GAPSA’s executive vice president, vice president of finance, and vice president of programming resigned on Nov. 9, triggering a special election. 
10/24/22 1:07am
The event was planned and hosted by Penn Traditions, a student organization under Penn Alumni that aims to “celebrate Penn’s history and traditions, connect students and alumni, and promote and inspire lifelong Penn pride.”
10/17/22 11:02pm
The student residents described slow response times to maintenance issues, including dirty common areas, clogged trash chutes, and malfunctioning elevators.
10/04/22 1:38am
Penn will partner with Rebuilding Together Philadelphia, a local community revitalization organization, to provide funding over four years to assist approximately 75 West Philadelphia low-income homeowners.
09/27/22 1:00am
The feature has been in development by Penn Labs since fall 2019 and aims to reduce unused meal swipes and Dining Dollars.
09/13/22 2:13am
The 3,100-square-foot building, which is part of a $25 million renovation plan, is expected to have an audience capacity of 300 to 350 people
09/11/22 11:57pm
The new prompt, intended to be a “feel-good exercise” for applicants, was announced by Penn Admissions on Aug. 1. 
08/13/22 2:48pm
These cells are one of many cell types that help maintain essential structures in the lung, providing a potential treatment pathway.
08/10/22 11:29pm
The company supports startups in their early stages that have the potential for social impact, and already has scouting teams at Penn and Columbia University.
07/25/22 3:43pm
The Science History Institute will be the society’s headquarters, providing space for onsite programming, and Penn will fund mentorship and work opportunities for students with the society’s executive office. 
06/30/22 9:23am
The new method modifies a patient's own antibodies to attract T cells that can attack tumors.
06/14/22 8:47pm
Penn Med, CHOP, and Costa Rica's social security program will work together to develop a clinical trial protocol that will help more Costa Rican healthcare providers use this therapy for their patients. 
04/20/22 12:33am
The colloquium will provide a space for policymakers and thinkers to discuss how international global policy can prepare for the impacts of climate change and its effect on countries at risk.
04/14/22 10:17am
Naloxone, also known as Narcan, is a drug that is capable of reversing the effects of an opioid overdose and potentially saving lives.
03/30/22 10:20pm
Robinson began writing his book after his father was diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia, a condition that degenerates parts of the brain responsible for personality, behavior, and language.
02/28/22 12:34am
The PENNTRIathlon aims to give the Penn community an opportunity to participate in a fitness challenge during the winter months that is both competitive and welcoming.
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