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11/25/19 12:26am
The LGBT Center held a series of vigils on Locust Walk in honor of Transgender Day of Remembrance on Nov. 20. 
11/20/19 10:32pm
LGBT Center volunteers hung up transgender flags on Locust Walk in front of Steinberg-Dietrich Hall, featuring black and brown stripes in the middle to signify the disproportionate violence against people of color. 
11/11/19 11:50pm
The event featured 1994 Wharton graduate Jeff Smith, Chair of Papa John’s International Inc; and Janet Foutty, Chair of the Board of Deloitte.
10/30/19 8:34pm
Researchers from Penn Medicine have developed an algorithm that flags patients that are "high priority" for having these conversations, which typically involve the treatment a patient receives at the end of their life.
10/22/19 11:45pm
At the event, students, faculty, and community members shared passages from Morrison's works that held personal meaning for them. 
10/08/19 8:57pm
A total of 93 awards were granted this year across four categories, with each category having at least one Penn Medicine recipient. 
10/02/19 8:13pm
Suma, known for young adult novels like "A Room Away from the Wolves" and "The Walls Around Us," is teaching at Penn for one semester through the Creative Writing program. 
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