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06/06/12 9:56pm

College and bank partnerships raise concerns

In The Campus Debit Card Trap, a recent report released last month by the New Jersey Public Interest Research Group, it was found that relationships between banks and academic institutions might create additional fees for students.
05/30/12 7:22pm

SEPTA combats carbon footprint

This month, the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) implemented a new braking technology to prevent electricity from going to waste, using a new battery storage system to store excess energy from the train.
05/23/12 10:02pm

Major wireless carriers 'blacklist' stolen cell phones

With the increasing rate of cell phone robberies nationwide, wireless carriers such as AT&T and Verizon have begun to cooperate in an effort to thwart mobile device theft.
03/13/12 10:42pm
Two PennDesign graduate students have developed a plan to save flooding cities.
03/13/12 10:31pm

Nursing professor fights AIDS using haircuts

Professor Loretta Jemmott has selected 48 barbershops in West Philadelphia to partake in an ongoing study. When black males between the age of 18 to 24 come into the barbershop, they are offered the option of undergoing general testing for STDs.
03/11/12 8:28pm

Students help launch eye care center in Liberia

Two graduate students at Penn are looking to use their interest in medicine to improve eye care in Liberia through the New Sight Eye Center. The center began operating a few weeks ago in Liberia with the mission of reducing preventable blindness and visual impairment in rural and urban communities.
02/19/12 8:15pm
At Friday’s stated meeting of the Board of Trustees, Du Bois was posthumously bestowed with an honorary emeritus professorship in the departments of Sociology and Africana Studies.
02/07/12 7:50pm

Nursing salary drop attributed to job location

While the average 2011 College of Arts and Sciences, School of Engineering and Applied Science and Wharton School graduates saw significant salary increases over the 2010 graduates, 2011 School of Nursing alumni experienced salary dips.
02/01/12 7:37pm

Male nurses aim to increase visibility, 'break the female stereotype'

MAN-UP — the Male Association of Nurses at the University of Pennsylvania — is currently in the process of establishing a new chapter of male professional nurses with the American Assembly for Men in Nursing.
01/26/12 9:13pm

HUP ahead of medical records curve

Nursing professionals at Penn are weighing the benefits and costs that may come with hospitals digitizing their patients’ records.
01/23/12 12:08am

Nursing School seeks to increase recruitment, retention efforts

Earlier this month, Nursing assistant professor Brooks Carthon was awarded a two-year, $75,000 grant to conduct a national survey of minority student recruitment and retention efforts in the nursing profession. GRAPHIC: Racial diversity in Penn Nursing
01/11/12 10:03pm
From mummies to ancient swords to pottery from the Iron Age, the Penn Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology has offered visitors a look far back into the past for over a century and a quarter.
12/11/11 6:59pm
The Penn Gent Competition was organized by the Delta Sigma Theta sorority with the aim of highlighting the contributions of Penn’s black men to the Philadelphia community.
10/20/11 12:24am
“Time Travel Safari,” welcomed Olivia Judson Wednesday night to speak about the evolutionary adaptations of animals and their implications on present-day Earth.
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