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03/18/13 4:27am

Black Love Lives explores the art of healthy relationships

“Personally I have been through a lot of bad relationships, which is why I came to this conference,” said West Chester University student Sherita Rooney, who attended the Black Love Lives conference last Saturday. “I wanted to learn strategies that would help mend past relationships and would hopefully foster successful new ones.” This past weekend, writer, holistic healer, community activist and motivational speaker Nisa Ra hosted Black Love Lives in Houston Hall.
01/22/13 5:57am
“Art heals, art unites and art changes minds in a convincing fashion. Art drives the agenda. Great art is never silent, can’t be ignored and serves poorly the status quo,” said Jane Golden, executive director of the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program.
11/05/12 5:49am
Penn’s vibrant and enthusiastic energy showed while he discussed the sociology of the media and his experiences working in Hollywood as a second-generation Indian American.
10/08/12 4:55am
Navratri means “nine nights” and the festival, which lasts nine days and nine nights, is held in honor of the Hindu Mother Goddess, Shakti.
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