Articles by Neha Bhardwaj

11/24/18 8:37pm
This could potentially lead to a neonatal treatment for human congenital diseases down the road,  opening new doors for the medical and scientific communities. 
11/11/18 11:04pm
The robots use high-level planning to respond to obstacles and accomplish high-level tasks autonomously.  
11/09/18 9:14pm
While they aim to stay as impartial as possible when teaching in the classroom, a panel of Penn history department members were able to share their political opinions just two days after midterm elections.
10/24/18 8:08pm
Penn's student focus group explored levels of frustration with racism and discrimination, the role of democracy and human rights in U.S. foreign policy, and the depolarization of political parties.
09/23/18 8:25pm
The event involved both a Q&A session and an on-ice portion, wherein students could skate with Min and chat about her life as a skater and her career successes. 
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