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10/11/18 12:20am
The rally was organized by Philadelphia’s District 1199C, an affiliate of the National Union of Hospital and Health Care Employees.
07/22/18 3:39pm
After a year of graduate student campaigning, Brown’s Provost Richard M. Locke signed an agreement with pro-union group Stand Up for Graduate Student Employees on June 21 that will allow the organization to hold an election where Brown students can vote on whether they want to unionize.
05/04/18 6:05pm
Penn, which has a notoriously strong alumni network, has over 120 alumni clubs across the globe, spanning 37 states and 52 countries.
04/23/18 10:22pm
With just two reading says, Penn has the lowest number of days allotted to studying for finals for the 2017-2018 academic year. Harvard has six days and Yale has four days. 
04/22/18 6:01pm
This comes amid a year-long student campaign which also put forth the proposal to instate an online bias reporting form, which administrators say should launch by the end of April.
04/17/18 7:30pm
At Philly BYOs, Penn students push profits up but drive other diners away, with restaurants like Iztaccihuatl and Banana Leaf attracting dozens of students every weekend.
04/11/18 8:29pm
The new program allows Penn seniors to apply for an advance spot in the Wharton MBA program before they graduate.
04/11/18 12:21am
Pilgrim is the current co-president of the Black Graduate and Professional School Assembly and chair of the Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Access and Leadership Council.
04/11/18 12:06am
Second-year GSE Ph.D student Kristina Lewis, who put up the posters, said the portrait had been replaced by a portrait of Susan Fuhrman, who served as GSE dean from 1995 to 2015. 
04/08/18 7:59pm
Dartmouth, Harvard, Yale, Brown, Princeton, and Stanford all have blanket prohibitions on undergraduate-faculty relationships for undergraduates, similar to the one Penn just implemented.
04/02/18 11:32pm
A key focus going forward for GET-UP is continuing to promote its ongoing campaign for improved sexual harassment reporting policies in the Graduate School of Education. 
03/26/18 8:46pm
At Tufts, Hoffman is a professor at the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine and the director of its Regenerative Medicine Laboratory. He has worked at Tufts for 24 years.
03/25/18 7:35pm
The Accessibility Mapping Project launched last month using data collected from around campus and drawing on its creator's own academic research, which delves into issues of disability in Japan. 
03/21/18 7:49pm
85% of Chinese international students at Penn say they don't have one American friend.
03/16/18 12:03am
On Wednesday morning, director of the Wistar Institute Dario Altieri sent out an email saying he would walk out 'for personal reasons.' Over a hundred of his employees joined him. 
02/25/18 9:47pm
Penn has granted 1,740 honorary degrees since 1757. Only 164 of these degrees — 9.43 percent — have been awarded to women. Today, this is changing. 
02/22/18 1:45pm
At noon today, students with umbrellas flanked both sides of Locust Walk holding up white paper signs, each with the date, location, and number of deaths from a mass shooting. 
02/21/18 7:34pm
GET-UP’s decision is the latest in a string of similar moves at other colleges, where unionizing efforts have stalled due to fear that a GOP majority will soon take over the NLRB board and dismantle the Columbia precedent.
02/20/18 11:43pm
The GSE students also asked Penn faculty to sign a statement of support for the week of action and encouraged professors to incorporate Black Lives Matter principles into their coursework for that week.
02/20/18 2:10pm
In Young Lee, a first-year medical PhD student, visited the Taco Bell on Saturday night and noticed that one of the cashiers had used a racial slur to describe him on his food receipt. 
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