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04/19/16 3:29pm
Participants talked about the definition of privilege, then recognized their own privileges — able-bodiedness, sexual orientation, speaking English and even being a Penn student — before launching into the discussion.
04/11/16 9:17pm
Students at Purdue University will be able to fund their education using a percentage of their future earnings. The “Back a Boiler” program will provide aid to rising juniors and seniors, with awards starting at $5,000.
03/30/16 2:20am
On Monday, an estimated 2500 students were required to attend an anti-hazing speaker event in the Palestra.
03/21/16 9:11pm

UC Santa Cruz congratulates 4000 non-applicants on admission

The University of California at Santa Cruz sent out 4,000 emails to students congratulating them on admission this past week. However, these students had never applied to the school.
02/29/16 11:41pm
The new Healthy Food Truck Certification Program allows Philadelphia food trucks to apply for certification to show that they are providing nutritious options to their customers. 
02/22/16 9:39pm

Legislators propose cutting liberal arts funding in favor of STEM

Elected officials have recently urged states to move public education funding from the humanities to STEM-related fields.
11/23/15 10:03pm
The fellowship hopes to provide free music lessons to Penn students living in college houses if they complete a final performance-based project.
11/02/15 11:13pm
On Monday night, the Kelly Writers House hosted TV critic Todd VanDerWerff in the first event of the yearly “Writing About TV” series. VanDerWerff is the former TV Editor at The A.V. Club and is now the Culture Editor at Vox Media.
10/13/15 12:28am
As the first woman from Missouri to be a U.S. senator, Claire McCaskill has experienced her fair share of discrimination.
09/21/15 11:15pm
The performance is meant to be therapeutic for not only for the performers, some of whom are sexual assault survivors, but also for any audience members who may be survivors.
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