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05/08/13 9:20pm
“Something” has been tacked on to our beloved millennial moniker, so it’s well worth consideration.
04/18/13 12:43am
Before I get chastised for my literary apathy and irreverence for the canons, I’ll have you know that I am capable of reading a book from start to finish. But with a constant influx of titles, it doesn’t seem worth the commitment.
04/04/13 1:10am
Adulthood doesn’t come with a gown and tassel. And it certainly doesn’t come with a 2,000-square-foot apartment overlooking Madison Square Park. It’s an entire process, and perhaps that was what scared me most.
02/27/13 9:17pm
Last week, in an effort to suggest where this viewing trend could be heading, film distributor Oscilloscope Laboratories uploaded the entirety of its 88-minute film “It’s a Disaster” onto Vine before its theatrical release … six seconds at a time.
02/13/13 11:39pm
Maybe Valentine’s Day is a little bit like the rom-com itself. It’s trendy to hate, it’s a commercial institution for suckers like you and me and its celebration is slowly fading out.
01/31/13 12:35am
Historically, the value America has placed on the elderly is abysmal. We commit 1.2 million over the age of 65 to nursing homes and countless studies have reported instances of abuse. Dealing with our elders has become just another chore.
01/17/13 1:12am
This past Monday, I became an American citizen along with 60 strangers, altogether representing 31 countries. Again, “melting pot” etched its way across my mind, reminding me that identification comes in the form of a shared or inspired human experience, not the flesh that portrays it.
11/04/11 1:13am
Thursday night, the Student Activities Council elected College junior Melissa Roberts as its new chairwoman. The Daily Pennsylvanian sat down with Roberts to ask her about SAC’s financial situation, its new debt policy and her goals for her term.
09/09/11 3:10am
A snapshot of Penn on the morning of September 11.
08/29/11 4:55pm

Penn prepares for Hurricane Irene

Penn is postponing early move-in and pre-orientation programs until Monday in preparation for Hurricane Irene.
02/18/11 4:29am
While the number of bids is yet to be finalized, Penn’s newest sorority offered bids to women from all four classes.
01/13/11 4:19am

Skulls will not participate in rush

It is unclear whether the change is in response to the death of a 20-year-old who suffered fatal head injuries after a fall at the fraternity house on Dec. 31.
01/13/11 3:10am

VP for University Communications resigns

Lori Doyle announced Wednesday afternoon that she will step down as Vice President for University Communications at the end of the month.
12/22/10 2:00am

Ex-Annenberg dean died Friday

Former Annenberg School for Communication Assistant Dean and media critic Phyllis Kaniss died Friday, Dec. 17 from cancer-related complications. She was 59.
12/16/10 1:24am

New summer program added in South Africa

On Tuesday, the College of Liberal and Professional Studies announced a new program for summer 2011 in Grahamstown, South Africa. The program will accept 20-25 students.
12/13/10 4:06am

British tuition hike may draw U.K. students to the U.S.

With a bill passed Dec. 9 set to triple the tuition cap for universities across England, British students may have more of a reason to consider studying abroad.
12/10/10 2:59am
The Daily Pennsylvanian sat down with College junior Maria Bellantoni, the new chairwoman of Programs in Religion, Interfaith and Spirituality Matters — Penn's interfaith student group.
12/01/10 7:21am

Grad students have on- and off-campus housing options

While most on-campus housing is geared toward undergrads, Penn also offers options for its 10,000 graduate students. Sansom Place East and West primarily target grad students, currently housing 1,100 individuals, 65 percent of which are graduate and professional students.
12/01/10 5:32am

Ghost writing a complex topic

Two doctors were recently discovered to have used a writing company to produce the text of their 1999 book on psychiatric disorders.
11/23/10 5:29am
While many students add internships and summer jobs to their resumes, Engineering sophomore Chris Chike has a unique accolade under his belt — a Guinness World Record.
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