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04/04/16 1:11am
A trans woman of African-American and Hawaiian descent, Mock is a strong advocate for intersectional discourse and is one of the most influential trans women in the media.
03/20/16 10:34pm
Through his designs, Jameel Mohammed seeks to introduce a new definition of beauty into the world of luxury brands, which he described as European-dominated.
03/02/16 9:02pm

Suspect in Virginia students' murders and abductions pleads guilty

Jesse Matthew Jr., 34, pleaded guilty on Wednesday to the murder and abduction of two Virginia college students.
02/15/16 2:18am
This Valentine’s Day weekend, you may have spotted over a thousand high school students swarming Penn’s campus, all dressed in suits.
11/02/15 11:41pm
2006 College graduate and STEMsocks founder Rachel Senturia is on a mission to make science cool.
10/15/15 12:16am
A new branch of Penn Democrats, the group hopes to raise awareness and increase advocacy for women’s issues.
09/22/15 9:49pm
Changes to the cafe include a newly designed coffee bar, furniture, lighting, artwork and an updated “comfortably upscale” aesthetic.
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