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03/26/24 10:03pm
Penn Ukrainians is a student organization that aims to preserve and promote Ukrainian culture, connect Ukrainian students on campus, and raise awareness about Ukraine and Ukrainian culture, according to its leadership.
02/29/24 10:51pm
Residents have celebrated the dorm’s strong sense of community while describing ongoing challenges with amenities and the dorm selection process.
01/23/24 12:57am
Penn faculty across several schools and departments gathered with community members on Monday afternoon in front of College Hall for a demonstration in support of academic freedom. 
03/22/23 11:06pm
This was the first time the event has occurred since the COVID-19 pandemic.
03/15/23 12:33am
Since its inception, students involved in the Penn & Slavery Project have researched the impact of slavery on the University’s campus, finances, and medical school, among other aspects. 
02/21/23 11:44pm
Penn will host 1vyG, the largest conference for first-generation, low-income Ivy League students, from Feb. 24-26. 
01/23/23 10:59pm
Student groups plan Lunar New Year festivities, with hopes for the University to initiate celebrations on its own. 
09/26/22 11:34pm
The letter, from “deeply concerned” faculty members, was sent to University administrators on Friday, detailing their support of student protest. 
09/22/22 11:45pm
Students who attend the conference will have the opportunity to participate in panels with notable speakers, attend professional workshops, and explore a career fair.
09/22/22 1:47am
The conference will be held at Penn for the first time since 2018, which attracted 350 attendees, including 275 students from other universities.
04/20/22 12:47am
SEPTA's decision — prompted by a federal judge striking down the national mask mandate for public transportation and ruling that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention had overstepped its authority — was announced Monday.
04/13/22 2:30am
The event aimed to give students an opportunity to discuss their mental health in a supportive environment and decompress from the strain of daily life at Penn.
04/04/22 1:13am
Petrone used her previous role as the director of finance and administration for Yale’s Department of Emergency Medicine to carry out her plot, the prosecution found.
03/20/22 11:26pm
Participants enjoyed food prepared by the townhome residents, listened to music, and conversed with community members. Organizers also led a march around the UC Townhomes complex.
02/25/22 12:29am
Berman said that his time at Penn had a huge impact on the development of Good Pizza. 
02/15/22 1:11am
Along with a transcribe-a-thon, the event included other activities like group songs and national broadcasts with live speakers.
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