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06/05/09 2:00am

A virus by any other name

In shying away from the term “swine flu,” officials ignore the source of the problem
06/04/09 5:00am

Mordechai Treiger | A virus by any other name

Nobody wants to get swine flu, and for good reason. With symptoms like fever, coughing, headache and possible death, the disease is the greatest threat to our health since the Great Meningitis Outbreak of 2009. But there is one thing people seem more afraid of than contracting swine flu - calling it that.
12/05/08 5:00am

Mordechai Treiger | Tempting a hidden danger

As classes wrapped up before Thanksgiving, alert students still caught one final lesson: Unplug your appliances, even if they're not turned on. The brothers of Pi Kappa Phi learned that better than anyone. Vice President for Public Safety Maureen Rush blamed last week's fire in the fraternity on a circuit overload caused by a large number of refrigerators and microwaves.
11/14/08 5:00am

Mordechai Treiger | Knowing what you eat

Believe it or not, Penn's dining halls serve a lot of healthy food. But if Dining Services are serious about helping students eat healthily, it isn't enough to just serve nutritious food and hope students choose to eat it. They need to provide the accurate information students need - when they need it.
10/31/08 5:00am

Mordechai Treiger | Voting while you shop

Everybody knows that Tuesday is Election Day. But it's a mistake to think that it happens only once every four years. In fact, you vote nearly every day. And unlike ACORN, you're not just trying to destroy the fabric of American democracy. There are striking parallels between what Americans do in the voting booth and what they do in the shopping aisle.
10/17/08 5:00am

Mordechai Treiger | Living beyond our means

We're a nation of borrowers. According to Wednesday's USA Today (or does that make it the "USA Two days ago?") the average borrower's credit-card debt now stands at $1,717. The government borrowed billions from China to finance its no-tax and spend policies and doubled the national debt to $10 trillion over the past eight years (though, to be fair, I got this figure from the most recent Presidential debate, so there's no guarantee).
10/03/08 5:00am

Mordechai Treiger | Treading water in The Big Easy

Spring Break 2008 saw 175 Penn students make the pilgrimage that care forgot. Their work was hardly a big easy: Students cleared wreckage, rebuilt houses and even helped out at an animal shelter. But the sad truth is that despite these students' best efforts, New Orleans will still succumb to the next major storm.
09/19/08 5:00am

Mordechai Treiger | Keeping quarters out of the picture

Business Services executive director Doug Berger would not fare well in the current election. He spent his entire summer working against change. "In the day-to-day life of being a student, [change] shouldn't be one of the things you're really worrying about," he declared.
09/05/08 5:00am

Mordechai Treiger | No trays for you!

About 15 minutes before most students returned to Philadelphia, they were instructed to return their tray tables to the full upright and locked position. Better advice would have been to carry them off the plane: Trays on Penn's campus have begun to make themselves scarce.
04/25/07 5:00am

With imagination, a hope for peace

A contest is hoping to find a just solution for just Jerusalem. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is currently accepting submissions for the Just Jerusalem competition, which aims to resolve the Arab-Israeli conflict by focusing on the issues that divide that city.
04/12/07 5:00am
One hundred and twenty-three speakers are gathering today to conclude the year-long celebration in honor of Wharton's 125th anniversary. This year's two-day conference, taking place at the Philadelphia Convention Center, is the biggest event in the business school's history, Wharton Associate Dean Steve Oliveira said.
04/04/07 5:00am

Wharton West one of L'Oreal's best

L'Oreal thinks Wharton is worth it. A team of students from Wharton West, the business school's San Francisco branch, has advanced to the final round of L'Oreal's e-Strat competition, which asks participants to play the role of a simulated cosmetics company's general manager.
03/28/07 5:00am
Aretha Franklin is well-known for wanting some respect. And this year, she's going to get it. The University has amassed a diverse group of honorary degrees recipients for May's Commencement, including Franklin. These recipients, who are not necessarily affiliated with Penn, tend to have made long strides in their respective fields.
03/27/07 5:00am

1,143 tickets for Folds already purchased

Tickets for this year's Spring Fling concert - headlined by Ben Folds and prefaced with a set from Third Eye Blind - went quickly yesterday, the first day they were available on Locust Walk.
03/26/07 5:00am

LSAT rules, essay set to change for June test

Students hoping to study law now have a few more rules to memorize. The Law School Admission Council recently announced changes to the LSAT, including restrictions on items students can bring to the tests. These changes will take effect starting in June, the next time the test will be given.
03/22/07 5:00am

Houston Hall loses power at busiest hour

Houston, we have a problem. A power outage forced Houston Hall's eating establishments to shut down for almost an hour yesterday afternoon. The outage was caused by a mechanical problem in the building's transformer room, said Thomas Hauber, director of Vice Provost for University Life facilities.
03/22/07 5:00am

A new incentive for taking the APs

Doing well on Advanced Placement tests is paying off - literally. The Advanced Placement Training and Incentive Programs is rewarding students at participating high schools with $250 for receiving a three or higher on AP exams in math, science and English.
03/19/07 5:00am

Wharton profs become 'assassins'

If you're in Wharton, your professor is probably out to get you. At least if you're a participant in Hostile Takeover, the Wharton Council's version of the popular game Assassins. For the first time since the game began four years ago, faculty members will participate in the event.
03/02/07 5:00am

It's a world of pure imagination

Wharton senior Michael Tolkin wants to make Willy Wonka's chocolate factory a reality. Through this Wharton senior's company, Foodily Chocolate Factory, customers would be able to create personal candy bars using potato chips, marshmallows, pretzels and chocolate at a company store.
02/27/07 5:00am

Entrepreneurs back in school while on the job

Most Whartonites can't wait to graduate and enter the world of business, but a few hope that earning graduate degrees will help keep them in the classroom even after graduation. The Executive Program in Work-Based Learning Leadership, an MBA program started at the end of last month, aims to "teach the teachers," said Liv Mansfield, associate director of Wharton Executive Education.
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