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03/21/12 11:10pm
Penn Excelano Project, created in 2001, is one of the top collegiate spoken word poetry groups in the nation. In April, members of the group will be traveling to California for the College Unions Poetry Slam Invitational, one of the most elite spoken word competitions in the country.
10/21/11 12:15am
The show is a full two-hour performance in the club’s traditional brand of irreverent humor dating back to Wig’s origins in 1888. GALLERY: Behind the scenes with Mask & Wig
09/22/11 10:45pm
Ajay Nair, Troy Majnerick and Andy Binns work behind the scenes to better student life at Penn.
07/14/11 5:31am

International Programs director to leave

After nearly three years as Executive Director of International Programs at Penn, Anne Waters is stepping down.
06/23/11 5:43am
The building will be a place to stay and a community center for patients receiving organ transplant surgeries and their families.
06/09/11 3:15am
A study conducted by Penn researchers challenges the accepted theory of how children learn language.
05/09/11 4:17pm

Penn Vet dean recommended for second term

School of Veterinary Medicine Dean Joan Hendricks will be recommended for reappointment for a second term at the University to run through June 30, 2018.
04/27/11 11:52pm

Student parents to receive further support

The Backup Child Care Program, which begins July 1, will provide child care for student parents in emergencies.
04/20/11 5:39am

Penn defends rising tuition

A recent study suggests that students' tuition costs cover more than just their education, but Penn says students' tuition is solely allocated to academics.
04/19/11 4:02am

Yale incident puts lab safety under scrutiny

A Yale University student died in a chemistry laboratory machine shop April 12, prompting universities across the nation to assess their own lab safety procedures.
04/11/11 2:11am

Penn Dining to revamp meal plans

Penn is slated to eliminate three of its 10 meal plans for the coming year, with the remaining plans renamed with acronyms to better reflect what students will receive.
04/06/11 11:42pm

For early graduates, leaving Penn has pros and cons

Around one percent of each class graduates a semester or more shy of four years, according to the Office of the Provost.
04/05/11 1:52am
United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon addressed a packed crowd of students, administrators and community members Monday at Irvine Auditorium.
03/31/11 2:58am

UN Secretary-General to speak at Penn

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon will speak about empowering women next Monday, according to the Office of the President.
03/25/11 5:36am

Penn simplifies housing process

On March 30, Penn Housing Services will introduce the first fully-online housing application, among other changes, to all incoming students.
03/24/11 3:58am
Most students consider the choice of actor Denzel Washigton as the 2011 commencement speaker a positive change from the business and political leaders chosen in the last few years.
03/22/11 4:01am
Actor Denzel Washington — whose son, Malcolm, is a College sophomore — was 'absolutely' the top choice to speak at Commencement, according to University officials.
03/16/11 3:09am
Riepe College House received a perfect five out of five in its social life and party scene in results from an online survey, eliciting reactions ranging from incredulous to happy.
03/14/11 1:46am

New student survey aims to assess undergrad experiences

Sunday night, the Office of the Provost began sending out individualized links to the Enrolled Student Survey via e-mail to all undergraduates in an effort to assess the state of students’ experiences at Penn.
03/01/11 5:36am
While Penn president Amy Gutmann travels to often as part of her state-wide involvement and work on national commissions, she makes sure to put Penn first.
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