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05/21/20 10:17pm
It’s natural for us to construct echo chambers by choosing what circles we choose to interact with, and this phenomenon has only been exacerbated by our move to a virtual world.
05/11/20 12:46am
The professorship is a dual appointment at the Wharton School and the College of Arts and Sciences.
04/23/20 12:52am
Gutmann also discussed the process of making major decisions such as asking undergraduates to move off campus and shifting to remote learning. She said that the University has not yet decided when students will be allowed back at Penn.
04/16/20 12:55am
For the next 25 years, the electricity produced at these sites will be purchased by the University at a price competitive to standard electricity prices.
03/28/20 11:11pm
Students praised the lecture, which analyzed policies intended to combat the coronavirus and their economic impacts, for its interdisciplinary approach.
03/23/20 11:03pm
All Philadelphia residents are required to remain home unless they are performing essential personal activities.
03/16/20 6:36pm
I was feeling a lot of things — a strange cocktail of sadness, sentimentality, bitterness, and anger. Originally, a lot of that anger was directed at Penn and other universities.
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