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04/17/13 8:50pm

New online grading software provokes excitement, skepticism

The landscape of online learning is changing fast, and its latest innovation might be both its most promising and riskiest yet.
04/10/13 8:33pm

Penn Preview Days and Fling won't coincide, unlike years past

Unlike in years past, wide-eyed and newly admitted students this year will not be experiencing Penn on the Friday of Fling. Dean of Admissions Eric Furda said that the Office of Admissions made this decision after hearing “mixed” feedback from students and their families who have visited Penn during Spring Fling in the past.
04/04/13 11:14pm
The Starbucks under 1920 Commons was transformed Thursday evening from a study area to a bustling scene of students and staff from the Office of Admissions writing postcards to 1,200 lucky admitted students.
03/28/13 3:32pm

Penn admit rate drops to record-low 12.1 percent

This year, 12.1 percent of total applicants were admitted to the Class of 2017, a slight decrease from last year’s 12.6 percent and marks a record low for Penn, according to the Office of Admissions.
03/19/13 9:25pm

'Likely' students to receive added pull from U. admissions

Prospective students were contacted by Penn’s Dean of Admissions Eric Furda, and will hear from current student volunteer and select alumni regarding their likely acceptance to Penn.
03/18/13 11:18pm

Coursera experiences glitches, growing pains

Despite the hype surrounding massive open online courses, some challenges remain for both students and educators.
03/14/13 10:54pm

SAT to undergo facelift to better reflect college work

The SAT, a rite of passage for many college-bound students throughout the country, will be undergoing a redesign.
03/11/13 10:59pm

Alums work to increase applicant interviews

This year’s new Penn Alumni Interview Program had an ambitious goal of interviewing 100 percent of applicants by 2015, and in this year’s admissions cycle, Penn has gotten closer. .
02/27/13 10:29pm

Socioeconomic issues fall by the wayside in diversity dialogue

On a campus like Penn’s, where racial diversity has become a contentious and oft-discussed issue, socioeconomic diversity is a side of the debate that is less visible.
02/27/13 12:30am

Transfer LiveChat to address unanswered questions from transfers

Potential Penn transfers often have a lot of questions on their minds , but not many outlets to direct them toward. This Thursday at 8:30 p.m., the Transfer Student Organization hopes to address some of those questions through their first ever live webchat.
02/20/13 11:43pm
For many of the nation’s soldiers, coming home from war can be almost as challenging as leaving for deployment.
02/14/13 1:00am

Career options more important than ever for freshmen

Today’s college freshmen are increasingly concerned with the career-related benefits of attending college.
02/12/13 9:24pm

Common Application to feature new set of essay questions

A completely new set of essay questions await next year’s pool of applicants on the 2013-2014 Common Application.
02/12/13 7:07pm

Dean of Admissions to appear on Today Show

Tomorrow morning at 9:30 a.m., Dean of Admissions Eric Furda will be speaking about the college admissions process with Al Roker on the Today Show.
02/07/13 6:55pm
This year’s crop of admitted students can expect some changes to the Penn Preview Days, including a new activities fair and a separate day for early decision admits.
02/04/13 11:32pm

Two centuries later, a new Bill of Rights

More than two centuries after the original was signed in Pennsylvania, a new Bill of Rights has been drawn up.
01/31/13 12:27am

Common app option for undocumented students

A group of activists from the Students For Undocumented Dreams and Decision Equity Now Movement created the Fair Common App to provide undocumented Americans with a space to record their citizenship status.
01/23/13 9:21pm

Tulane becomes fourth school to report inflated admissions data

Last month, Tulane University admitted to reporting incorrect Graduate Management Admission Test scores to U.S. News & World Report, becoming the fourth university in 2012 alone to admit to data reporting error. Claremont McKenna College and Emory and George Washington Universities all mis-reported earlier last year.
01/18/13 7:09pm

Penn application numbers increase by one

This is the third straight year that Penn’s applicant pool has remained above 31,000, after a 39 percent increase from 2009 to 2011.
11/19/12 5:53pm

Hillel hosts discussion on escalating violence in Gaza

The Israel Sector of Penn Hillel hosted an hour-long discussion Monday night for students to reflect on what they thought was the appropriate way to respond as Penn students.
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