Articles by Michael A. Keshmiri

03/17/19 6:43pm
Women candidates are already fighting this uphill battle in ways that male candidates are not.
02/20/19 3:54am
One depressing fact about this is that history is repeating itself — and we have clearly not learned our lesson from it.
12/12/18 1:25am
I have been in conversations where acquaintances proudly talk about the anti-racist demonstrations and initiatives they have been active in only to turn the conversation to how Jews control the world through a wide-reaching conspiracy.
11/28/18 9:50pm
After some internet research, I discovered Pelosi’s unforgivable crime: She has served her country honorably through government service for too many years.
11/19/18 5:11am
We cannot let political leanings stifle our innate sense of decency.
11/14/18 2:00am
Over 4 million people reside in these territories and most Americans are oblivious about their situation.
10/25/18 2:19am
Trump’s decision to label himself a nationalist and tout xenophobic conspiracy theories in the days leading up to the midterm elections is a pathetic effort to drum up support from fringe elements of our country whose support played a role in carrying him to the presidency.
10/11/18 10:54pm
To some Republicans, the presence of snowfall in the winter is proof that climate change is a liberal hoax.
10/01/18 5:13am
It would be disgraceful for an Ivy League university with a multi-billion-dollar operating budget not to take the moral reins and pay all Penn employees a minimum wage between $20-$25 an hour.
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