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05/08/13 7:55pm

Soisson | The odds are in my favor

This was a great year for Penn women’s sports. Am I right, ladies? Am I right? The penny slots were successful — I’ll credit my grandmother, who was known to win hundreds of dollars at a time on these games, for the lucky genes — and I went a respectable 3-for-5 on my predictions from earlier this fall. That’s a heck of a lot better than last’s years picks by Brian Kotloff, who went 3-for-9.
05/08/13 7:53pm
Thanks to 1996 Penn graduate Nasia Muoto, Dau Jok will travel at the end of May to Nigeria as a fellow for We Play to Win, a foundation started and run by Muoto.
05/08/13 6:51pm

Farewell Column by Megan Soisson | From NARP to DPOSTM, the fun hasn’t stopped yet

I kept having fun. So much fun that I switched my major for it. So much fun that every conversation I had was about Penn athletics. So much fun that I even dreamed Penn athletics.
04/27/13 10:49pm

THE BUZZ: Penn football's Brandon Copeland signed by Baltimore Ravens

The 2013 NFL Draft came and went, and though three Ivy League players were selected, no Penn players went. But it didn’t take much time past pick No. 254 for the Baltimore Ravens to call up senior DE/OLB Brandon Copeland to sign him as a free agent.
03/24/13 10:53pm

Quakers hold off Big Red rally

After relinquishing a 10-3 halftime lead, the No. 16 Penn women’s lacrosse team regrouped as it went to overtime with No. 17 Cornell and won, 12-11.
03/17/13 10:12pm
On Monday, they will participate in an NFL pro day at Villanova with 15 other college players, where they hope to impress various NFL and Canadian Football League (CFL) scouts.
03/14/13 9:06pm
Lucy Ferguson wants to play. That’s all she’s ever wanted to do and that’s partly why she didn’t originally choose Penn for her collegiate lacrosse career.
02/27/13 10:51pm
The Penn women’s lacrosse team lost its first game of the season to Drexel on Saturday, and the Quakers aren’t happy about it.
02/21/13 9:15pm
The Penn women’s lacrosse team may not have all the kinks worked out, but the Quakers are ready to go for Saturday’s season opener against Drexel.
02/12/13 9:19pm
After he fell, Fran Dougherty was in shock, his body tensing up as he quickly grabbed for his elbow. He couldn’t see the dislocation, but he heard a snap and knew something was wrong.
12/29/12 5:07pm

From the Buzz: Sources question whether Penn basketball suspensions due to alcohol

The Daily Pennsylvanian is hearing from various sources that alcohol may have played a role in the suspensions. Our original sources, though, maintain that positive drug tests triggered the suspensions.
12/28/12 2:59pm

Penn basketball suspensions due to failed drug tests, sources say

A highly reputable source has told the Daily Pennsylvanian that Miles Cartwright, Henry Brooks, Tony Hicks, Darien Nelson-Henry and Steve Rennard were all suspended for Penn basketball’s game at Delaware on Dec. 21 after failing random drug tests.
12/23/12 9:20pm

Soisson | Will Penn basketball stop its downward spiral?

After suspending five players at least a week ago, and with games against Butler and La Salle on the schedule in the next few weeks, this struggling 2-8 squad is going nowhere fast.
12/08/12 11:36pm
Instead of trying to save the day with big plays, Penn needs to slow it down and buy into the system. Nine games into the season, there’s no other choice.
12/05/12 11:25pm
Penn basketball’s freshmen have faced a taxing defensive transition as they adjust to the ins and outs of college basketball.
11/29/12 2:01am
It was as good a time as ever for Penn coach Jerome Allen to spread the minutes and receive a solid bench performance from 11 guys on the roster.
11/26/12 1:16am
It may seem like the Quakers are destined for doom this year, but this team is just finding its identity.
11/20/12 1:56am
Jerome Allen isn’t concerned about offensive production as long as the Quakers lack a defense that can implement his defensive schemes.
11/13/12 12:56am
Though the Quakers lost a heartbreaker at home Monday night, 68-65, Penn had a 12-point lead over the Cavaliers at the half and went up by 15 to open the second frame. However, Virginia chipped away at the deficit throughout the half and hung on to win.
11/09/12 2:58am
Sophomore guard Jackie Kates has chosen not to return to the team this season but leaves on good terms.
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