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05/03/21 1:04am
The DP's sports section extended its winning streak over the rest of the company by a final score of 9-5 in a nine-inning kickball game on Ace Adams Field in Penn Park this Saturday.
12/12/17 6:18pm
DPOSTM reclaimed its rightful place at the throne on Tuesday, doubling up the NARPs by a score of 56-28 in the 2017 Kamin Cup at Franklin Field.
12/11/17 6:00pm
The non-sports team, previously known as the Weenies, pulled off a stunning upset in 2016, ending DPOSTM's 10-year winning streak. The team finds itself in the position of "reigning champion" for the first time in a decade, and also finds itself in the middle of a rebrand after shocking revelations regarding the contentious origins of its previous name. Sources confirmed that the team will at least temporarily be competing as the "NARPs," or the Non-Athletic Regular People, named after the team mascot, Executive Editor Dan Spinelli. 
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