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07/30/14 9:11pm

Marjorie Ferrone | Women left out of Russian Europeanization

I’m not saying that the dawn of gender equality in Russia will be defined by risqué church-wear and male model stewards, but rather when society holds women and men to the same expectations.
07/23/14 9:35pm

Marjorie Ferrone | From Russia with love (and happiness)

I am not professing that indulgence and extravagance are the way to go; merely that money makes life easier, and science majors make more of it.
07/04/14 11:59am

Marjorie Ferrone | Germany's four-letter word

Every country has a label. Some have been deliberately constructed by the homeland, while others have inadvertently grown out of a nation’s heritage.Those who have been following the 2014 FIFA World Cup are familiar with Brazil’s icon: the “Christ the Redeemer” statue.
06/24/14 6:33pm

Marjorie Ferrone | The appeal of "the other"

Because of human interest in lineage, it follows that European Americans would gravitate towards Eurocentric societies. I agree with the sentiment that understanding one’s predecessors influences individual identity.
06/10/14 8:51pm

Marjorie Ferrone | Fighting bigotry with empathy

Each of us is the center of our own universe defined by unique experiences that form varying perspectives.
05/28/14 8:42am

Marjorie Ferrone | Safe spaces for different races

Never before have I been so blatantly told by friends and peers — those same people who are victims of white dominance — that white is the standard of beauty and the image of power. This is depressing because the more it is said, the more it is believed. Before seeking out events that focus on this very issue, I never would have been so aware that the way I look holds such importance and dictates social opportunities.
04/15/14 9:34pm

A series of murals near campus depict the words of a love letter

I discovered that what Penn advertises in brochures is really true — Philadelphia is an incredible place.
03/25/14 10:57pm

Teach for America Truth Tour questions effectiveness of TFA during event on campus

Teach for America is one of the top three employers of recent Penn graduates. But how much good are corps members really doing?
02/16/14 6:25pm
From dreadlocks to post-baccs and from rock bands to shaking hands, the “non-traditional” students of five Ivy League universities came together this past Saturday.The second annual 2014 Ivy Returning Students Conference was hosted at the Kislak Center on the sixth floor of Van Pelt-Dietrich Library.
01/30/14 12:25am

Female executives give interviewing tips

The panel included executives from Google, McKinsey and Bloomingdale’s
01/26/14 6:13pm
Dog sledding and the Alaskan wilderness offer a reprieve from the urban bustle of Philadelphia.
01/22/14 10:56pm
Two days before the opening of “Wishful Sinking,” The Mask and Wig Club’s spring show, the dress rehearsal was bursting with the yells of cast members, the pounding of drill bits, the screeching of violins — and brotherhood.
12/05/13 9:06pm
Yesterday, developers broke ground on the corner of 38th and Chestnut streets, where a 25-story apartment building and an episcopal cathedral center are planned for the space.
10/23/13 9:31pm
The Bloomer’s fall show includes topics close to students’ hearts from NSO 2013 to failed love lives.
09/18/13 6:31pm

Photographer Duane Michals to speak Thursday

The School of Design and The Photo Review will host the renowned photographer, who has shot for Esquire and Mademoiselle, in Meyerson B3 at 6:30 p.m. tonight.
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