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12/18/19 8:28pm
The House passed two articles, charging Trump with abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. Trump is expected to be acquitted by the Republican-controlled Senate.
01/21/19 8:06pm
The national Lambda Board of Directors voted on Dec. 21 to withdraw the Lambda chapter following a university-led investigation into the hazing of pledges.
11/13/18 2:23pm
Peterkin Bell became an instructor at Penn in Jan. 2017, and is currently slated to teach an urban communication course next spring.  
11/12/18 2:03am
Entitled "In the Name of Hate," the nearly hour long episode featured interviews from Bernstein's friends and family. 
11/08/18 8:15pm
The campaign started last April when the ASAM UAB released an online video, which features several Penn students discussing what they have gained from their ASAM courses.
10/31/18 12:12am
If enacted, the change would dramatically curtail recognition of transgender and gender-nonconforming individuals under federal law. 
10/29/18 8:09pm
Penn President Amy Gutmann condemned the recent increase in anti-Semitic incidents in the United States and paid homage to Penn graduate Jerry Rabinowitz, who was among those killed in the attack. 
10/24/18 9:37pm
'We think that the increased use of our office in discussion of such matters stems from the new policy of confidentiality for the ombuds office and also from the MeToo movement,' University Ombuds Lynn Hollen Lees wrote to the DP.
10/15/18 11:29pm
Blaze Bernstein, a College sophomore, died in a homicide in January this year. Sam Woodward, a 21-year-old who attended the same high school as Bernstein, is currently being held in connection to his murder. 
09/30/18 11:30pm
Wax explained her perspective in an digital talk with Brown University professor Glenn Loury as a part of his online discussion series, "The Glenn Show."
09/26/18 3:38pm
In April, students and members of the department were emailed and given the option to submit their pronouns to be publicly shared on the website. 
09/21/18 5:59pm
Penn Dems President and Wharton junior Dylan Milligan attended the rally with a group of 126 student members who received tickets after volunteering to canvas for Democrats.
09/10/18 10:18pm
The Asian American Studies Program has been mired in controversy since 2017, when Grace Kao, a sociology professor and longstanding ASAM faculty member, left Penn for Yale University.
08/23/18 10:34pm
On June 28, Gutmann released a statement referring to the findings of both the student researchers and the working group recognizing the role of slavery in the University's past. 
06/12/18 8:00am
Administrators at the Petaluma High School have stood by their decision to end her speech early. 'We were trying to make sure our graduation ceremony was appropriate and beautiful,' Petaluma Principal David Stirrat said.
04/11/18 10:03pm
Jamie-Lee Josselyn, the academic advisor of College sophomore Blaze Bernstein, will be dedicating her participation in the Broad Street Run to the Penn student who died in a homicide.
04/04/18 8:51pm
Although students and faculty members share confidence in Park’s leadership, many expressed concerns about the future of the program especially since there are no clear plans for Park's replacement after next year. 
03/27/18 10:10pm
While administrators have indicated that there is an ongoing search for an ASAM program director, faculty and students involved in Asian American studies refute this claim.
03/18/18 7:42pm
Asa Khalif, the leader of Black Lives Matter in Pennsylvania said that if no action is taken against Wax by Mar. 23, he plans to disrupt classes and lead petitions across Penn's campus. 
03/18/18 7:35pm
While students and alumni largely expressed gratitude for this action, many say that more needs to be done for diversity initiatives at the school. The alumni, too, who drafted the petition reflect on its effectiveness.
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