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06/09/11 3:10am

Maanvi Singh | Letting go of the superlative

Sometimes we need to escape Penn's winning mindset.
07/08/10 3:35am

Kagan draws student interest

REPORTER'S NOTEBOOK — A look at the student presence on Capitol Hill during Kagan's confirmation hearings.
07/08/10 3:26am
The Independence Day festivities started on June 25 and included a Chinatown Block Party, all you can eat ice cream, various concerts and multiple nights of fireworks.
06/17/10 2:17am

Hearing date set for Roesler

The suspect in a $1.2M drug bust on campus had an arraignment on June 10.
06/10/10 4:55am

Health communication will go abroad to China

A new program, led by Penn professors, will help a Beijing school understand why some fliers compel students to wash their hands, while others don’t quite persuade students to grab the nearest bottle of hand sanitizer.
06/10/10 4:54am

Summer Enrollment Up

Enrollment in 12-week summer classes is up drastically from last year.
04/15/10 4:03am

Mosaic art comes to Gregory College House

As part of Arts & the City, Gregory College House brought in artist Isaiah Zagar the artist responsible for South Street's famous Magic Gardens
04/05/10 6:05am
Saturday human chess pieces gathered in the Perelman Quadrangle Saturday afternoon and took their positions on a giant chalk-drawn chess board.
02/26/10 6:48am
At Huntsman Hall Vicente Fox's message centered on fostering connections. He opposed building a fence on the U.S-Mexico border and outlined his dream of a union of the Americas.
01/29/10 5:27am
A group of about 50 protesters blocked off the junction outside the Federal Building. The rally was among a series of protests aross the country calling for a freeze on foreclosures.
11/23/09 6:47am

DeSeve: fixing the ‘jobless recovery’

DeSeve, as special advisor to Obama for the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act visited Philadelphia’s Park Hyatt to deliver a keynote address at the day-long Wharton Finance Conference.
11/05/09 5:09am
Wawa Product Development Director Lynn Hochberg spoke at Steinberg-Dietrich Hall Wednesday as part of the Weiss Tech House’s Innovation Week.
10/14/09 2:13am
Despite his history of social activism and upcoming California gubernatorial campaign, San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom told a crowd of Penn students yesterday that he is “the most unlikely guy to be sitting here in front of you.”
10/08/09 2:30am

University seeks to build more bridges with community partnerships

While Penn’s relationship with the West Philadelphia community has been tumultuous in the past, last night a group of community leaders and educators discussed Penn’s recent focus on interacting positively with its neighbor.
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