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04/10/09 5:00am

Safeguarding 'life and dignity' in public health

For students looking to help others while working with contraceptives, vaccinations and diseases, yesterday's Public Health in Philadelphia panel set them on track for success. As part of National Public Health Week, the event hosted a panel of five distinguished members of various local public health organizations.
03/18/09 5:00am

Smith sheds light on visuospatial defects

Yesterday, students and researchers gained a new perspective on visual attention in children. At the Institute for Research in Cognitive Science, Sabrina Smith, Neurology and Pediatrics professor at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, delivered a talk that addressed her recent research on visuospatial defects in children who have experienced neonatal and pediatric stroke.
02/06/09 5:00am

Students and prof to explore Philadelphia's food system

Tomorrow, Penn School of Design students will travel to the heart of Amish Country to learn about Philadelphia's regional food system. From 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Professor Domenic Vitiello will lead the Farm to City bus tour to Lancaster County, Pa., where students will visit area farms, distribution sites and the Lancaster Central Market.
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