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04/25/23 10:55pm
Roughly 200 attendees stopped by to eat over four different dishes at the event.
04/04/23 6:00am
Listen to the top headlines on Tuesday, April 4 with our newsletter anchor.
04/03/23 12:53am
Articles will range from information on fashion, music, and food to discussions on Asian hate in America, the Chinatown 76ers arena protests, and interviews with politicians.
03/30/23 11:39pm
Over a dozen events took place from of March 20 to 25, including a procession of flags, student performances, and a self-care workshop.
02/27/23 12:38pm
Penn Dining wrote that Houston Market would reopen from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. Monday for limited mobile and walk-in dining at its Penn Pi, HM Grill, Ivy Leaf, and Bento stations.
01/23/23 10:59pm
Student groups plan Lunar New Year festivities, with hopes for the University to initiate celebrations on its own. 
06/08/22 12:55am
Gutmann was honored for her work in significantly expanding the number of low income and first generation students at Penn, as well as her most recent achievement as the first woman to serve as U.S. Ambassador to Germany.  
05/16/22 10:13am
Through forgoing bad habits, devoting time to prayer, giving to charity, reading the Quran, and reflecting, Muslim students explained Ramadan is a time to strengthen their relationship with Islam and God. 
04/17/22 11:59pm
The Science for the Future Solvay Prize ceremony is held in Brussels to honor scientific discoveries that have significantly advanced the field of chemistry and helped resolve global challenges.
03/15/22 12:34am
Barsade's colleagues and students said that she embodied the empathy and thoughtfulness that she preached in her research. 
02/21/22 1:32am
The University of Pennsylvania and Philadelphia’s Housing Development Corporation will jointly operate one of the initiatives, which will focus on housing and be launched in the spring.
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