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12/13/16 12:32am
College junior Thomson Korostoff has found in his research that during this period there was a significant correlation between the type of street someone lived on and that person’s race and economic background
11/29/16 1:27am
In light of the sweeping Republican victory in both the White House and Congress, The Daily Pennsylvanian sat down last week with writers at the conservative student news publication, The Statesman, in order to talk politics.
11/07/16 2:34am
In 2015, then-Engineering seniors Adrian Lievano and Matt Lisle won the President’s Engagement Prize, a $200,000 grant for graduating Penn students who have a plan to change the world.
11/02/16 1:33am
In the middle of October, the College Republicans executive board voted to formally condemn Trump, but the decision was never carried out.
11/01/16 1:59am
Currently, the Pennsylvania Constitution requires judges to retire at the end of the year in which they turn 70, and so a “yes” decision would raise the retirement age by five years.
10/25/16 1:55am
With only two weeks until Election Day, most major polls are showing Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton as the strong favorite for president.
10/19/16 2:17am
In the competitive Senate race between incumbent Sen. Pat Toomey (R-Pa.) and Democrat Katie McGinty, the College Republicans have done phone banks, door-to-door canvassing and handed out flyers. 
10/14/16 9:58pm
An exhibit in the Biddle Law Library features images from photographer Rich Ross’s “Juvenile In Justice” series, which depicts the living conditions of teens experiencing solitary confinement.
09/23/16 10:21am
Josh Shapiro currently serves as Chairman of the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency and Chairman of the Montgomery County Board of Commissioners.
09/14/16 12:39am
“This is a fundamental choice about who we are as a people,” Obama said. “This is a choice about the meaning of America.”
09/13/16 1:02pm
Some students back Republican nominee on largely liberal campus.
09/03/16 6:00am
“During the summer it’s definitely slower,” Smokey Joe's manager Paul Ryan said, “[but] we get a lot more neighborhood people willing to hang out.” 
08/24/16 12:20am
Your parents are gone, you’ve moved in, and you’re ready to get started on (arguably) the most important part of college: your social life. Let The Daily Pennsylvanian be your guide. 
04/03/16 9:43pm
Portland Community College garnered media attention on Friday, as the school kicked off events for its “Whiteness History Month.”
03/20/16 11:35pm
The pair saw the potential demand for an application that would enable students to find a peer with a particular skill set and has worked for the past year and a half to bring their idea to life. 
03/13/16 9:09pm

UC Berkeley School of Law dean resigns over sexual harassment allegations

Sujit Choudhry announced on Thursday that he has resigned as Dean of the UC Berkeley School of Law. This announcement came in light of a sexual harassment lawsuit filed against Choudhry earlier this week.
02/21/16 11:52pm
This semester, mental  health-focused student organization Active Minds will be publishing the first print issue of its literary magazine, Penntal Health.
02/14/16 10:05pm

UC Berkeley to cut spending in response to $150 million deficit

The University of California, Berkeley will cut spending significantly, announced Berkeley's Chancellor Nicholas Dirks this past Wednesday.
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