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07/30/15 5:00am
While some Penn professors may choose to take advantage of the summer to relax, several recently braved heat and humidity to complete an ultramarathon, running a combined distance longer than five marathons over the course of a single day.
07/23/15 6:00am
The Syrian civil war, which has devastated the nation since 2011, has not only exacted a heavy toll on the nation’s people, but also on the archives of its rich culture and history.
07/16/15 5:30am
Two New Jersey bills designed to help prevent college suicides have taken an important step in moving toward passage in the state Senate. The bills, named after former College freshman Madison Holleran, who committed suicide in January 2014, could be passed as early as this year.
06/25/15 10:00am
Penn Glee Club traveled to Europe on their 2015 tour from May 19 to June 4.
06/25/15 9:59am
Arianna Alexander was accepted to 26 colleges, including six Ivy League schools, and received over $3 million in scholarship offers.
06/11/15 6:30am
One Penn-founded website is doing its best to help voters know whether or not what the politicians are saying is actually true.
06/11/15 4:02am
2015 Wharton MBA graduate Julia Kurnik started her post-graduation life by working full time on the startup that she founded in May 2014.
05/28/15 7:06am
Few Penn students can say that they have appeared in a film that had the biggest-ever opening for a musical movie.
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