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09/15/11 11:12pm
Over the past four years, textbook prices have risen 22 percent, according to a survey by the Student Public Interest Research Group.
09/09/11 12:04pm
Ten years after the attacks that changed the world, some of Penn’s war veterans are only just returning to civilian life.
04/27/11 9:26pm

In finance, women see lower pay than men

Lifestyle differences such as childbearing, as well as unconscious biases, may play into the discrepancy.
04/20/11 3:53am

Some interns content with unpaid work

Though most Penn students find paid summer internships, others see the benefits of certain opportunities — particularly in 'glamorous' fields — outweighing the fact that they are unpaid.
04/14/11 2:21am
A ranking released earlier this month placed Penn 10th in the country in terms of return on investment, based on tuition versus salary over 30 years.
03/28/11 5:16am

Job market improves for students

Studies indicate that hiring, recruiting and starting salaries are up across the board from last year, though the job market cannot expect to return to pre-recession levels for several years.
03/21/11 12:13am

Wharton study reveals widespread mistrust of banks

While many symptoms of the recession have begun to improve, a Wharton study indicates that distrust in banks may be an obstacle to further recovery.
03/15/11 2:27am

Penn tops internship ranking

With 90 percent of students graduating with internship experience, Penn was ranked as the top school in the country at producing undergraduate interns.
03/03/11 4:04am
The number of Wharton MBA graduates entering health care has remained relatively constant over the years.
02/25/11 4:09am

Teach for America gains popularity at Penn

Teach for America was the third largest employer for last year’s graduating class, with 43 Penn graduates joining the teacher corps nationwide.
02/23/11 4:41am

HUP may stop hiring smokers

The Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania is considering a policy of no longer hiring smokers, according to HUP spokeswoman Susan Phillips.
02/21/11 4:03am
With a turnout of 97 employers, Career Services hosted its largest spring career fair to date Friday in Houston Hall.
02/16/11 9:59pm

Arts jobs pose worthwhile challenges

For students looking to work in the arts, the job search frequently poses challenges unknown to their more business-inclined peers.
02/11/11 3:55am
Students who work at the Penn Museum handle thousands of human skeletons and assorted human remains as part of their work-study jobs.
02/06/11 10:47pm

Penn in Washington helps students find employment in D.C.

Last Friday, Penn in Washington — the newly minted on-campus branch of the summer program — brought 54 students to Washington, D.C. for the day to expose them to employment opportunities and provide advice on getting jobs and internships.
02/01/11 2:47am

Penn grads flock to West Coast

A survey conducted last spring revealed that, after New York, San Francisco was the most desirable work location among graduating seniors.
01/27/11 1:13am

With borrowed funds, SEPTA hopes to revamp system

SEPTA's board will vote Thursday on a measure allowing it to borrow $250 million to finance the purchase of new railcars and the reconstruction of a Regional Rail station.
01/24/11 12:51am

Gap years help students gain perspective, 'real world' experience

Approximately 60 students defer entry to Penn annually, opting to take a "gap year" in order to pursue work, travel or study and gain exposure to life beyond college.
01/19/11 2:51am

Study shows gender bias in rec letters

Letters of recommendation written for women tend to highlight personal characteristics, whereas letters written for men focus more on leadership qualities, according to a recent study.
01/14/11 4:59am

Wharton MBA earns top dollar

With a $350,000 starting salary, a Wharton graduate — who now works at a private equity firm — became the highest paid first-year Master in Business Administration graduate in the country last year.
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