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11/18/22 8:16pm
Students for the Preservation of Chinatown, a coalition of college students against the proposed 76ers arena, organized the protest on Friday.
11/09/22 9:54pm
Associate Vice Provost for University Life Will Atkins said that the University is actively searching for a new PAACH director through a nationwide recruitment process.
10/05/22 12:51am
The new hires and leadership spark hope for faculty after fears of the program's survival at Penn, ASAM program faculty said.
06/15/22 11:19pm
March for Our Lives leaders, students, victims, and survivors gathered this past Saturday in Washington D.C. to demand immediate change in gun violence prevention laws in Capitol Hill. 
04/15/22 12:23am
Samples from three wastewater sites will be collected twice a week, with plans for additional collection locations throughout the city to help officials more effectively monitor COVID-19 in specific populations.
04/06/22 1:11am
Rottenberg said his new memoir details his personal experience with journalism in the digital age as well as what others can learn from his 70-year career.
03/23/22 1:02am
The Court selected the map, known as the Carter plan, for its “least-change” approach, preserving many elements of the current congressional map.
02/21/22 11:53pm
The pair of students launched Kfans in November 2021 after they had met in a Korean popular culture class at Penn and connected over their shared passion for K-dramas.
11/29/21 10:34pm
According to the study, consuming moderate amounts of caffeinated beverages during the second trimester was associated with a 47% reduction in gestational diabetes risk.
10/25/21 9:08pm
While the drug can treat parasitic conditions in small doses, according to the FDA, current data has not shown that it is safe or effective against COVID-19.
10/12/21 9:25pm
The awards are a part of the NIH Common Fund’s “High-Risk, High-Reward Research Program," which supports scientists pursuing innovative research in biomedical and social science.
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