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05/12/14 1:45pm

LGBTQ international students create a home on campus

Queer international students, who say they feel out of place in the LGBTQ and international communities, are starting a student group on campus.
04/27/14 4:32pm

FOCUS launches on campus

the new student group focuses on mentoring and supporting underclassman
04/22/14 4:42pm

Initiative allows trans students to use a 'preferred name'

“This is really important for our trans students to feel part of the community and to be safe and to really be recognized for who they are,” Senior Associate Director of the LGBT Center Erin Cross said.
04/20/14 11:28am
1990 College graduate Laura Alber finished Penn with an “anti-plan.” She’s now the president and chief executive officer of Williams-Sonoma, Inc.
04/17/14 3:27pm
The DP sat down with the student activist, who recently was featured in Latina Magazine.
04/13/14 4:38pm

Latin American and Latino Studies celebrates anniversary

The program will welcome a new director in 2015
04/09/14 9:03pm
The kind of uncertainty about the true nature of the Vagelos programs may be part of another common stereotype — that students often start but seldom finish the programs.
04/08/14 4:26pm

Approaching race as a social rather than biological construct

In 1851, University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine graduate Samuel Cartwright delivered a report to the Medical Association of Louisiana claiming that blacks’ health was improved by slavery.
04/06/14 1:46pm

Penn team wins 'Nobel Prize for students' with gum that prevents tooth decay

One team came in with a patent for a hand-held machine to diagnose vision loss. They came in with chewing gum.Sweet Bites, a team of five Penn students, won the Hult Prize regional competition in Boston over spring break, making them one of the six remaining teams worldwide competing for the $1 million prize.
04/03/14 11:06am

Students raise funds in memory of former Masterman High School classmate

Fatima Rahman, a 2011 Masterman graduate who went missing in January. Her body was found in March in the Schuylkill in late March
03/30/14 2:01pm
Penn is getting some upgrades. Period.The iconic statue on High Rise Field known as The Tampons will be repainted white over the summer, the first in a new campus design evaluation initiative called Transforming School Style.
03/25/14 3:12pm

PennApps Fellows wins $25,000 grant

The program provides internships at Philadelphia startups
03/23/14 12:59pm

Chair of Physics and Astronomy department appointed Associate Dean of Natural Sciences

As Associate Dean, Larry Gladney will oversee the Departments of Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy, Earth and Environmental Science, Mathematics, Linguistics and Psychology, in addition to a number of research centers.
03/19/14 3:53pm
Applying to college can be hard enough for American students, but a new Coursera class might help make the process a bit easier for international students.The course “Applying to U.S.
03/06/14 4:52pm

History of women at Penn

02/23/14 12:12pm

Group promotes campus reproductive resources

Penn Reproductive Health had their first meeting last week. The group seeks to inform students about sexual health in general and built a partnership with Planned Parenthood. 
02/19/14 8:10pm

"Gangsta"-themed party sparks controversy on campus

A petition asking for an investigation garnered nearly 100 signatures
02/17/14 6:52pm

Senior named Gates Cambridge Scholar

The scholarship will cover the cost of the tuition for her master’s degree and provide her with additional money for living expenses.
02/16/14 9:28pm
Participants discussed a number of issues including homelessness, visibility and representation, gender neutral facilities and support within the juvenile justice system.
02/13/14 5:35pm

College Houses address mental health on campus

From meditation corners to emailing the listserv, College Houses are reaching out to residents.
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