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11/20/12 1:38am
Penn isn’t the only one of its peers that doesn’t require senior theses. But schools that have made it a requirement view it as a cornerstone of the undergraduate educational experience.
10/09/12 1:04am
Are lectures really the best way to employ Penn’s eminent faculty? Are undergraduates getting their $39,088 worth of tuition by listening passively?
09/10/12 10:43pm

Kyle Henson | Gap year(s) as a cure

Three years ago, I arrived at Penn, already in far over my head. I enrolled in Math 104 and Biol 121 because that’s what pre-med kids do.
06/06/12 8:12pm
This failure seems to hint at a pervasive resistance to change that plagues our society. This problem proves most dangerous when our stubbornness to adapt allows obvious, and sometimes even easily solved, inefficiencies to persist.
04/16/12 11:44pm
It would be naive to think that the obnoxious type-A personalities that helped many of us get here in the first place disappeared after our matriculation.
03/27/12 1:12am
Candidates should be judged for how well we think they’ll handle the unpredictable
03/13/12 12:14am
For those who are unfamiliar, the curve means two things: stress and a lower GPA. Most classes with curves have exam averages that float somewhere between the high 50s and the low 60s.
02/20/12 10:31pm
Penn’s efforts amount to little more than a band-aid on a gushing wound.
02/07/12 12:48am
While Penn claims on its housing website that college houses “stand at the center of the Penn undergraduate experience … to form shared communities,” the system fundamentally fails to achieve this mission due to a lack of political and financial commitment from the administration.
01/24/12 12:50am
We don’t spend $50,000 a year over four years just to read textbooks and have our beliefs reinforced. We want to hear brilliant opinions and arguments from our professors.
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