Articles by Kimon Triantafyllou

10/01/12 11:42pm

Coursera makes Penn courses more accessible

An online education startup from Stanford, Coursera offers free online classes taught by top university professors across the nation. A Coursera course grants students instant access to several hours of lecture videos and quizzes put together by the course professor.
03/23/12 1:15am

Penn Libertarians discuss floating cities

The group hosted a presentation by Michael Keenan, president of the Seasteading Institute, a non-profit organization whose goal is to set up societies and governments on platforms in international waters.
03/15/12 11:26pm

NRA University members discuss gun rights

Two volunteers from NRA University, a program for college students run by the National Rifle Association spoke in Huntsman Hall today on gun control and advocated Second Amendment activism.
02/23/12 1:07am

Professors present unorthodox ideas at BizTalk

In a series of 10-minute presentations, five Wharton professors tried to answer a wide array questions ranging from financial advice for graduates to the recent housing bubble collapse.
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