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12/05/18 8:49pm
"I could wait for 2 hours and still not have gotten help," Engineering sophomore Derya Yavuz said. "That's just a very frustrating situation, and it's like that every single time." 
11/12/18 8:30pm
Philadelphia is currently rolling out 10 bikes in its pilot program. If these are well received, the company hopes to roll out a larger fleet of 100 more bikes next spring
10/22/18 12:37am
In 2017, the number of women holding board seats in Philadelphia-based companies reached 17 percent — just one percent higher than the previous year.
09/25/18 11:21pm
The event, 'Competing Visions of the Global Order,' is the culmination of the Perry World House Colloquium on the future of world politics, with the Penn Biden Leaders Dialogue serving as the capstone event.
09/16/18 9:29pm
Philadelphia's Vetter Pet Care business allows pet owners to schedule in-home veterinary appointments. All of Vetter's veterinarians are Penn graduates.
09/01/18 8:02pm
With a five-star rating, MarketSnacks Daily was named Apple's Podcast of the Week in August. The idea started in 2012, when it began offering an emailed newsletter with a similar goal to the podcast.
04/29/18 6:21pm
Obama will be the keynote speaker at Temple University's event, which is is expected to have approximately 8,000 high school students across Philadelphia in attendance.
04/19/18 10:06pm
After returning triumphant from the Intercollegiate Championship Tournament in Chicago, Penn's Quiz Bowl team is gearing up for another national tournament at MIT. 
04/12/18 7:35pm
On April 10, Penn announced an ad hoc Consultative Committee to advise the University in selecting a new Dean for SP2. 
04/05/18 8:07pm
Philadelphia-based speakers came from different backgrounds to Penn Law, but they all encouraged non-conformity and resilience.  
03/30/18 6:53pm
The latest ruling by US District Judge Deborah A. Batts means Gilliams, 51, will remain in prison until 2022. 
03/28/18 8:42pm
The School of Social Policy and Practice has hosted the event every year in order to celebrate both National Social Work Month and Women’s Month. 
02/16/18 12:42pm
Aaron Panofsky discussed the influence of genetic ancestry tests have on white supremacist groups, specifically members of the website Stormfront, the web's first major racial hate site.
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