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11/19/19 7:37pm
Penn's (SC)2 found that adding green technology to these housing spaces will be equivalent to removing 1.2 million cars from the road each year, reducing America's carbon footprint and creating approximately 250,000 jobs annually across the country. 
10/08/19 8:56pm
This genetic mutation found in dogs has also been implicated in congenital stationary night blindness for humans, according to Penn Today. CSNB is a hereditary condition which affects people’s vision in dim light making it harder for them to identify objects. 
09/30/19 10:20pm
Five of the Fortune 100 CEOs earned their graduate degree from Penn.
09/24/19 8:01pm
The researchers shared strategies on how to how to better engage minority adolescents to participate in HIV research, including youth community advisor boards, social media, and public venues. 
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