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04/25/18 8:07pm
As part of their annual 'Celebration of Cultures' event, the UMC partnered with TableTalk Penn to set up couches outside, where anyone could sit to talk about culture and food in their lives.
04/09/18 8:19pm
The first-ever Hult Prize Ivy competition culminated in Houston Hall on Saturday, where finalists on six teams pitched social impact projects to a panel of judges. 
04/09/18 6:04pm
This is the first time that OSU has rescinded an honorary degree, joining other colleges and universities including Brown University, Tufts University, and Penn. 
03/27/18 7:38pm
The company is also known for its 2016 partnership with the Trump Organization to build a Trump-branded office tower in India.
03/19/18 9:36pm
Yellen, who announced her resignation in November 2017, largely expressed fondness for her time in the role, but also noted a few detractions of working in such a high profile position – specifically the required 24/7 security detail. 
03/18/18 6:46pm
The supernova, which the researchers named DES16C2nm, is estimated to be 10.5 billion years old. 
03/13/18 10:29pm
Neighboring Swarthmore College, which is located just 20 minutes away from Penn's campus, was selected as the institution with the third most 'best value' education. 
03/11/18 7:29pm
Sozi Tulante has served for two years as city solicitor, a position that represents the city in lawsuits and advises every department, agency, and commission of the city on legal matters. 
02/18/18 6:28pm
Aminata Sy founded the African Community Learning Program in fall 2017 as a setting for West Philadelphia students of African background to receive free tutoring and mentorship. 
02/08/18 12:01pm
School officials launched the investigation into the fraternity in 2017 after receiving multiple reports about the contest.
02/01/18 11:10pm
Teams of college students and recent college graduates nationwide complete a project challenge in only a few weeks to compete in the contest. 
01/17/18 12:51am
A professor from the University of Illinois called on people nationwide to share their stories of sexual harassment within academia and higher education. Now, students at Penn are doing exactly that. 
01/11/18 4:34pm
Gov. Tom Wolf announced the move last month after gaining approval from Pennsylvania Secretary of Education Pedro A. Rivera.
11/27/17 11:42pm
This year, over 15,000 people applied or were nominated for consideration for the Forbes lists, placing the “acceptance” rate at less than four percent.
11/08/17 9:06pm
The two Penn founders of Neuroflow have created a data analytics platform to measure stress markers in real time.
10/20/17 7:10pm
Penn's newly-established chapter of the Common Party, Cairn University and the Graduate School of Education co-sponsored the event. 
10/15/17 6:27pm
University doctors, clinical researchers, students, faculty and alumni are working to address opioid abuse across Philadelphia, which was ranked fifth in the country in 2016  for overdose deaths per 100,000 people. 
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