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04/18/18 3:00pm
State official and Penn alum Robert Reed said while there is a national dialogue on mass shootings, gun violence is particularly prevalent in Phila., adding that since 2001, over 25,000 have been shot in Philadelphia alone.
04/15/18 9:50pm
A new study led by Penn scientists has found that individuals with a larger amygdala, and greater amygdala-mPFC connectivity tend to have a higher tolerance for risk-taking. 
04/09/18 10:54pm
The merger would boost Jefferson's annual revenue to $6 billion, still almost $2 billion short of the University of Pennsylvania Health System's revenue.
04/04/18 9:30pm
Chen said that while she was working for the DOJ, she found it “too ironic for words” to evaluate the ethics of the companies who spoke to her, presenting their various compliance policies.
03/18/18 2:23pm
As their graduating gift, the Class of 2017 of Penn’s Nurse-Midwifery program decided to start a scholarship for midwives of color.
03/15/18 11:16pm
Over 1,000 of Central High School's 2,400 students walked out, as well as two-thirds of Lower Merion High School's student body of 1,300, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported.  
02/23/18 5:00pm
The purpose of the line is to “better understand the policies, processes and procedures in place from the perspective of the individual who has to go through [sexual misconduct],” Philadelphia Controller Rebecca Rhynhart said.
02/14/18 11:59pm
Freier, the first Hasidic female judge in the country, discussed the obstacles she's faced and the ways she's persevered in balancing her religious life with her professional life, never compromising either.
01/08/18 8:37pm
The Penn Vet Working Dog Center and the Penn Museum are collaborating with a nonprofit dedicated to protecting cultural property to host a program called K-9 Artifact Finders.  
10/27/17 10:18pm
Penn Wellness said the group has been able to fund four times the number of initiatives compared to previous years because of greater awareness of the funding available. 
09/26/17 10:16pm
At ETH Zurich, eight counselors serve 20,000 students. At Penn, 45 clinical staff serve nearly 25,000 students. 
09/22/17 9:50am
CAPS Director Bill Alexander also said there is "conceptual" talk of a wellness center that combines all of CAPS services, along with Student Health Services and other resources. 
09/18/17 1:29am
CAPS has significantly expanded and diversified its resources in the past few years.
09/17/17 8:11pm
On-Campus recruiting started at the beginning of the semester but Career Services said they only received a list of exchange students on Sept. 15. 
09/11/17 3:00pm
"The whole purpose of a leave of absence is to put students on a path to success," said Executive Director for Education and Academic Planning Rob Nelson. 
09/03/17 6:24pm
Last semester, Fossil Free Penn wrote a document outlining their demands and promising that if action was not taken by September, they would return in full force. They weren't kidding. 
08/23/17 8:07pm
Mitchell, who has been critical of the Trump administration over various issues, said the center will not be influenced by political affiliations. 
08/21/17 11:33pm
NSO programming is practically a "science," organizers said. 
07/13/17 10:25pm
On Campus Recruiting, also known as OCR, refers to the period where companies send representatives to Penn's campus to interview students for post-graduate jobs and summer internships. 
04/19/17 3:42pm
“The Grayken gift will allow the Wharton Real Estate program to be a truly global program, and I think it will be,” Wharton professor Joeseph Gryouko said.
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