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11/29/16 1:29am
1968 Wharton graduate and President-elect Donald Trump's surprise victory sparked disappointment and conflict on Penn's campus — but other nearby college campuses didn't necessarily have the same reaction.
11/15/16 2:14am
Through Penn’s Civic House, two Alternate Winter Break (AWB) trips offer students the chance to give back to communities beyond campus.
10/29/16 5:44pm
At Penn, Homecoming weekend is more than just a day of football and fraternity tailgating.
10/25/16 2:03am
Many Penn students spend their spare hours doing homework or participating in extracurriculars — but some find the time to make a few extra dollars on the side.
10/04/16 12:58am
Relying on groceries, cooking and restaurants can cause a real change in lifestyle.
09/28/16 2:23am
Many Penn students’ Wednesday routine includes a stop at a small, white-tented farmer’s market outside the bookstore.
09/22/16 7:11pm
The Penn Vegan Society, an academic society that actively promotes and conducts research on such diets, is a student-run group that can help students learn how to get all the plant-based nutrition they require.
09/15/16 12:21am
This summer had no shortage of newsworthy world events, such as the British exit from the European Union, the 2016 Summer capitalize Olympics in Rio de Janeirofull name of city and the political uprising in Turkey.
09/14/16 12:38am
As the school year gears up, Penn Benjamins Peer Counseling — Penn's only peer counseling group — is hoping to expand.
08/31/16 11:38pm
Though freshmen are technically scheduled to attend the same events, everyone finishes their first week at Penn with different takeaways.
08/31/16 12:52am
Many Penn students traveled this summer for work, classes or pleasure. But not many can say they traveled to please their fans. 
08/24/16 12:18am
It only makes sense that a culture as unique as Penn's has its own lingo.
06/04/16 6:00am
A major part of the Penn food experience is sampling food trucks across University City.
04/27/16 2:37am
The five stages of grief may make sense on paper, but in practice people rarely fit this mold. Everyone’s experience with grief is unique.
04/22/16 1:41am
Viet Thanh Nguyen, who just won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction, spoke to students in Professor Amy Kaplan's class “English 102: Vietnam War in Literature and Film” on Monday afternoon.
04/20/16 2:30am
Penn Benjamins Peer Counseling is Penn’s first and only in-person peer counseling organization, its counselors lovingly referred to as "Bens."
04/14/16 2:39am
Spring Fling is a defining part of the Penn experience — but for some students, the desire to have a good time can take precedence over concern about possible risks to their health and safety.
04/02/16 6:00am
Administrators are most concerned about making sure that their promotion of ‘tobacco-less’ culture does not alienate them from students, but students have had varied reactions to Penn’s ‘philosophical shift’ on tobacco use.
03/04/16 6:00am
It’s finally here. Spring break has arrived, and for many students this means travelling abroad.
02/29/16 11:44pm
Yesterday the Philadelphia Department of Public Health reported that the first case of Zika virus was diagnosed in a Philadelphia resident.
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