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10/10/18 11:34pm
Most affected residents have been allowed to return to their rooms, though there are still six rooms under mold remediation, which has forced approximately ten freshmen to relocate to nearby hotels for a week. 
10/09/18 1:13am
For years, students living in these dorms have suffered from uncomfortable heat. 
10/03/18 4:04am
Student Health Services Executive Director Giang T. Nguyen explained that exposure to mold can trigger an allergic response in some patients, causing symptoms like itchy eyes or throat, scaly skin, and coughing. 
10/01/18 5:52am
Two freshmen were acquitted of violating Nominations and Elections Committee's Fair Practices Code and were subsequently elected to positions of Wharton Chair and VP of Finance for Class Board 2022. 
09/28/18 4:10am
College freshman Jonathan Scotto and Wharton freshman Emily Liao will serve as president and executive vice president of Class Board 2022, respectively. 
09/26/18 12:21am
The new proposal aims to capture the attention of trustees by highlighting the financial advantages of divestment from coal and tar sands. 
09/17/18 3:04am
At the first GBM this semester, the UA passed a resolution to urge Penn’s Board of Trustees to divest from companies involved in coal and tar sands, two particularly harmful fossil fuels.
09/11/18 12:50am
The CIS department chair is calling on non-major students to provide input on which new courses to create. 
09/07/18 12:23pm
The course is currently the fourth most popular among Wharton MBA students. 
08/30/18 1:59am
Kings Court English House, DuBois College House, and Gregory College House do not have air-conditioning, and residents have been competing to sleep in the few cool spots in the dorms.
08/29/18 1:44am
The National Weather Service predicts that the heat will abate by 8 p.m. on Wednesday, Aug. 28.
04/26/18 1:39am
Harvard teaching and research assistants held the election on April 18 and April 19 to determine whether Harvard Graduate Students Union-United Auto Workers would become their official union. 
04/11/18 1:39am
Cornell Junior Varun Devatha was disqualified from the student government race after one of his supporters, College Senior Rachel Wells, posted a meme in support of him in a Facebook group.
04/05/18 12:18am
The Social Planning and Events Committee Fling directors rejected 23 of the 41 student groups who applied to perform, whereas last year 44 of 47 applicants performed at Fling.
03/29/18 1:15am
Other peer universities will see similar price boosts to Penn for the next academic year, all within a three to four percent increase. 
03/25/18 3:54pm
The summit featured Management & Technology alumni speakers and health-specific senior design project presentations.
03/16/18 2:56am
The incident coincided with National School Walkout Day, when high school and university students from across the country showed support for stricter gun regulations in response to the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting that left 17 dead last month.
03/16/18 12:33am
Although Brown, Princeton, and Yale have reclassified economics as a STEM major, which helps international students work in the U.S. longer, Penn hasn't followed in their footsteps. 
02/19/18 10:40pm
The fintech startup, launched on Feb. 15, creates a marketplace in which students interested in taking out Income Share Agreements are connected with lenders.
02/11/18 11:52pm
At the beginning of this month, Penn announced it would revoke the honorary degree granted to Bill Cosby, who has been accused by over 50 women of sexual misconduct.
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