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04/13/15 12:09am

Guest column by Joyce Kim and Joshua L. Chilcote | A year in-review: having already built a better government

A Year In-Review: Having Already Built A Better Government This past year, we were excited to lead a campus that was named the the best college nationwide by USA Today and of course No.
09/07/14 6:07pm
If you aspire to improve student life from a policy perspective, if you want to work toward understanding and meeting the needs of dozens of student groups, if you’re interested in managing funds that impact the entire undergraduate student body and if you hope to consult the administration on issues that are central to every Quaker’s experience, run to be a part of the Undergraduate Assembly.
09/01/14 3:23pm
If you’re a new student on campus, welcome to Penn! If you’re a returning upperclassman, welcome back!
04/15/14 6:09pm

Guest column by Alyssa Dickinson, Joyce Kim, Conor Nickel and Yamini Nabar | Hungry for impact

Penn is full of noteworthy initiatives. But we would like to highlight one in particular: Penn Dining and Bon Appetit’s efforts to work with students to implement a food recovery program.Starting this fall, our dining services providers, Penn Dining and Bon Appetit, will establish a program that transfers food unable to be consumed at dining halls to a local hunger relief agency.
03/23/14 8:53pm

Guest column by Joyce Kim and Joshua Chilcote | Working with you, for you

At the end of the day, this isn’t about House of Cards politics.  People aren’t pawns, they’re people.
04/04/13 11:39pm

Joyce Kim & Aaron Wilson | How to speak to a human being

On Saturday, April 20, we challenge you to put your computers to sleep. Get off Facebook, get together with a group of friends and just spend time with real people.
09/20/12 12:15am

Joyce Kim | It’s Always Sunny In West Philadelphia

A college education is not just about academics, it also has a lot to do with learning from your community. It should invite you to think about your role in the neighborhood, the city and the world. All you have to do is take a walk.
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