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05/15/15 3:00am
I still remember the weekend back in May of my freshman year when I was still sports photo editor.
12/09/13 6:44pm

Students advance petition for dance credit

Several professors and the petition’s leader said that the plan to create these types of classes needs to be made more concrete before they can be successfully implemented in the curriculum.
12/05/13 7:50pm
Three Engineering grads turned their senior design project into a start-up, which launches on Kickstarter this weekend.
12/03/13 5:40pm

Web app shares federal data on homelessness

The creators combined commitment to homelessness research and background in geographic visualization to develop the app.
12/01/13 7:43pm

Websites help students enroll in closed courses

The creators have not discussed their sites with one another but agree that it would be ideal to incorporate this function into Penn InTouch itself.
11/25/13 7:33pm

Students petition for dance class credit

Penn is the only school in the Ivy League that does not offer dance courses.
11/24/13 7:49pm

‘Penn’s Craigslist’ launches as marketplace and cab share

Since the beginning of October, it already has over 500 users and about 100 postings.
11/19/13 7:27pm

Penn researchers develop vegetable drugs

In efforts to lower health care costs,Dental School professor Henry Daniell is developing a new platform for drug manufacturing and delivery by growing vegetables.
11/17/13 10:19pm

Penn researchers take the lead in Dark Energy Survey

Several Penn researchers have been involved in a project whose goal is to analyze why the universe is expanding contrary to the laws of gravity.
11/14/13 5:20pm
Penn researchers can tell by your tweets.
11/10/13 4:27pm

Starting up a 'startup' class

A new course taught by the director of the Center for Technology Transfer Fellows Program aims to help students create and develop their own startup.
11/05/13 5:32pm
RHex’s ability to adjust to different terrains raises the possibility of using it for search and rescue robotics or for scientific data collection in remote environments.
10/30/13 7:03pm
Researchers in disciplines from religious studies to nursing are studying the cultural significance of ghosts.
10/29/13 5:19pm
The new contactless Penn card is more secure and has gotten positive reviews so far.
10/24/13 7:15pm

Penn Course Review may see updated course info

PennApps Labs hopes that student developers will use the data to build Penn-related apps.
10/16/13 9:42pm
Penn physicists contributed to the construction and design of ATLAS, which made the discovery of the particle possible.
10/15/13 9:21pm
Professors advocate bump-outs, big picture reforms and student safety education.
10/14/13 8:54pm

Students will gain remote access to free software tutorials

With licenses borrowed from Weigle Information Commons, Penn students can now access, an online training website, from any location on any machine for one day at a time.
10/06/13 7:42pm
The University is sponsoring the Sight and Soundtrack section of the upcoming 22nd annual Philadelphia Film Festival, which will take place between Oct. 17 and Oct. 27.
10/03/13 2:49pm

Students to compete in AppITUP Challenge

Competition finalists’ apps will be developed by venture capital firms.
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