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04/26/17 4:32pm
One protester, who did not want to be named for fear of retaliation from the white supremacy groups, said she and others who participated were angered by what they saw as Penn's nonchalant attitude towards the neo-Nazi flyers put up around campus earlier this week. 
04/26/17 1:57am
Administrators have not made it clear how the University hopes to incentivize registration for off-campus groups, while students remain skeptical that some of the task force recommendations can truly change campus culture.
04/26/17 1:08am
2016 Wharton graduate Anastasia Lee works in the technology division at Morgan Stanley — but to her surprise, despite her position as an investment banker, much of her time isn’t spent working on finance at all.
04/19/17 12:46am
Such a uniform set of price increases in any other industry would point to one thing, experts have said: price fixing. 
04/04/17 11:08pm
Spring of 1973 saw not only the first Spring Fling, but the first handheld cellular call, the opening of the World Trade Center, and the rise of the Watergate scandal. Songs like "Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree” by Tony Orlando and Dawn dominated the Billboard charts.
03/29/17 4:22pm
The teen, whose name has not been released, was shot in the hip according to NBC. He was taken to Temple University Hospital and is listed as being in critical condition, according to police.
03/22/17 8:52pm
While few people think that a true zombie apocalypse in the style of The Walking Dead or World War Z is likely to happen any time soon, the drill is meant to simulate any large-scale public-safety crisis like a major disease outbreak, terrorism or a natural disaster.
03/08/17 11:43pm
Former Utah governor and 1987 College graduate Jon Huntsman Jr. criticized Trump during his campaign, but will now serve as his ambassador to Russia.
02/22/17 9:31pm
President Trump told Fox News' Sean Hannity in April that legislation on the issue should be handled by state and local governments.
02/14/17 5:31pm
Falwell told the Chronicle of Higher Education that the task force will focus on "overreaching regulation" by the federal government. “The goal is to pare [regulation] back and give colleges and their accrediting agencies more leeway in governing their affairs,” he said.
02/13/17 8:23pm

Here are 8 perfect date-night shows for Valentine's day

For anyone who's procrastinated on finding plans for Valentine's Day, here are some shows and performances around the Philly area to check out. 
02/08/17 10:04pm
Dartmouth College announced plans to compensate local homeowners in an area where the school used to dump lab waste, after residents filed complaints that carcinogens had leaked into the surrounding groundwater.
02/08/17 10:04pm
The connection between animals and improving mental health has seen a rise in interest, especially on college campuses, where some students have received permission to keep pets as emotional support animals in university housing, where they are not generally allowed.
02/05/17 9:36pm
Penn President Amy Gutmann and Provost Vincent Price officially charged the Task Force on a Safe and Responsible Campus Community.
01/30/17 6:44pm
Gutmann's speech came during a Faculty Senate protest on College Green over Trump's controversial order, which temporarily banned immigration from seven majority-Muslim countries.
01/23/17 8:57pm
Along with upcoming commercial development at Hamilton Court and uCity Square, the University currently has seven ongoing construction projects on campus. Some are meant to renovate and upgrade existing buildings, while some — like the upcoming Perelman Center for Political Science and Economics — will be more substantial. 
01/18/17 9:18pm
The broadside contains a poem set in two columns of neatly lined text, topped by an unusual skull-and-crossbones header that may have been engraved by Franklin himself.
12/12/16 12:59am
The holidays might make you think of hot cocoa and cookies more than peer-reviewed papers. But for some Penn professors, American holiday culture is a hotbed for research.
12/07/16 11:46pm
Although the programs are meant to provide guidance, some students treat it as a way to make connections.
12/06/16 12:18am
Charitable giving is one place where many people turn out to be surprisingly inefficient.
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