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04/28/15 11:29pm
In a 2014 Senior Survey, 44 percent of respondents indicated that they were “very dissatisfied” or “generally dissatisfied” with pre-major advising.
04/25/15 10:00am
Submatriculation, a program that allows students to complete their first year of graduate study during their senior year as undergraduates, exists in many forms on Penn’s campus.
04/22/15 1:30pm
Two Penn students have taken their coursework beyond the classroom and put a new spin on the Critical Writing Seminar in the process.
04/17/15 12:00pm
Amy Gutmann chairs the Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues, which released a report on Ebola.
04/16/15 1:00am
The Wall Street Journal found that students are declaring majors earlier, but that's not necessarily the case at Penn.
04/15/15 11:09pm
The Benjamin Franklin Scholars program promises to offer undergraduates a fulfilling, intellectually rigorous way to pursue their interests at Penn, but some students say the program could use improving.
04/09/15 1:27am
According to the most recent data available, which is from 2001, GPA varies slightly by school.
04/08/15 1:50am
Penn’s history major was ranked eighth-best in the country by College Factual in 2013, but some within the department are not so satisfied.
04/02/15 12:07am
Penn has funded more green energy units than any other university in the Ivy League.
03/26/15 1:05am
With finals season looming, Penn students can seek help at the Tutoring Center — but some students say the system isn’t perfect.
03/25/15 1:54am

JOKE ISSUE: In shocking statement, Engineering student admits that all Penn students work hard

Witnesses report that Engineering freshman Gavin Schmitt made the statement while studying with friends.
03/23/15 1:05am
From schoolwide celebrations to reinventing the writing seminar, the College of Arts and Sciences’ Dean’s Advisory Board hopes to improve the College experience one initiative at a time. Its latest endeavor is recruiting new members.
03/20/15 2:00pm
Every semester, Penn students undergo the wallet-depleting ritual of buying expensive required textbooks — but what happens when assigned textbooks are written by the course instructor?
03/16/15 1:03am
Recitations don't lead themselves — at the front of the classroom, teaching assistants must balance their responsibilities with their student obligations.
03/05/15 1:28am
Any student who had already declared the Cognitive Science major, however, would not be asked to switch.
03/02/15 1:44am
The English Department is expanding its course offerings to offer a more integrative, hands-on education.
02/26/15 1:57am
Varsity athletes make up about 10 percent of the enrolled undergraduate population, but many students aren’t aware of just how demanding the typical student-athlete schedule is.
02/12/15 3:34am
Wharton professor Adam Grant has teamed up with bestselling author Sheryl Sandberg to "lean in" to issues women face in the workplace.
02/04/15 1:08am
An app that combines all the essential Penn sites in one platform launches Wednesday. 
02/04/15 12:02am
The School of Arts and Sciences Strategic Plan's proposes to include community service, internships or research as part of graduation requirements.
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