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04/29/14 11:13pm
Drinking responsibly
04/15/14 9:45pm

Finding a family in the club gymnastics team

We at PCG take a unique view to a very competitive sport — it’s all about having fun and staying in shape. The gymnasts on the team range in skill from beginner to very advanced.
04/10/14 8:21pm

Speaking on behalf of the autistic community

Last week, Penn Speaks for Autism painted Penn’s campus blue. Not literally, but by handing out blue ribbons to raise awareness about autism.
02/25/14 8:17pm
This week Muse is holding Muse E-Marketing and Engagement week, a five day conference that discusses different areas of digital marketing and includes talks by executives from companies like Google, Anthropologie and EBay. 
02/20/14 5:56pm

Penn Med sponsors contest to increase awareness of AEDs

Automated External Defibrillators are devices used to shock the heart when a person undergoes sudden cardiac arrest.
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