Articles by Jessey Shin

02/21/24 6:00am
Columnist Jessey Shin explores the problem of disparate advising quality in the College and argues for a more standardized experience.
12/06/23 8:17pm
Columnist Jessey Shin argues for a more nuanced understanding of accessibility at Penn and why it concerns all students. 
11/13/23 12:19am
Columnist Jessey Shin discusses the various types of support available at Penn and how to best utilize them. 
10/04/23 2:52pm
Columnist Jessey Shin writes about the hidden perks of living in an “unpopular” College House. 
08/03/23 3:13am
The new pre-orientation program will bring students from 21 countries and 12 states together to engage with different cultures. 
07/05/23 6:34pm
The exhibit, titled "Pursuit & Persistence: 300 Years of Women in Science," features a document written by former Penn professor Mildred Cohn. 
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