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05/15/15 3:18am
It took a recent walk through campus for me to realize how much things can change in just a few years’ time. At risk of sounding like an actual senior citizen — back in my day, Spruce Street across from the Quad had only one sidewalk.
04/21/14 7:18pm
After Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas Judge Ellen Ceisler ruled on April 9 that the historic mansion on the corner of 40th and Pine streets could be demolished, the lawyer representing a group of neighborhood residents said they plan to appeal the ruling.
04/15/14 6:57pm

Copabanana returns to usual business after Tuesday's shooting

Copabanana remains mostly unaffected by the events of last night. It was open for normal business hours on Tuesday. Copabanana owner Brian Phillips said that, while he was not on the premises last night when the shooting occurred, the restaurant has not felt unsafe in the neighborhood.
04/13/14 7:57pm
Students were frustrated with the University's recent proposal for the sign's text, which generally describes all of the stained glass panes in the ARCH, without any specific details on the rising sun.
04/03/14 9:57pm
Last night in the Hall of Flags in Houston Hall, Students for Asian History Awareness — or SAHA — hosted an open discussion forum on a controversial stained glass rising sun image in the ARCH.
03/30/14 11:29pm
Penn Athletics is releasing its second album by artist Jerome Allen. Allen saw this album as his chance to truly break the shackles of coaching and find his inner muse. Allen is hoping that the lyrics on the album provide sufficient motivation to his less-than stellar team in the upcoming season.
03/25/14 4:55pm

Proposed changes to Du Bois College House triples fall through

After on-campus housing selection concluded on Feb. 27, only two residents chose a new room type being piloted in Du Bois College House. As a result, the proposed new room configurations will not be offered next year.
03/25/14 12:23am

2014 Power Down Challenge by the numbers

Du Bois College House and Sansom Place won this year's Power Down Challenge.
03/19/14 9:09pm

New dining plan gives students their choice

Known as the Take Your Pick — or TYP — Plan, allows students to create their own plan by selecting one of three options for meal swipes and one of three options of Dining Dollar$.
03/18/14 6:00pm

Gregory and other college houses will be renovated this summer

As part of Residential Services’ plan to renovate all buildings, going on for over 10 years now, Gregory College House will see continued renovations this summer.
03/16/14 6:58pm

Italian restaurant Zavino opens at 32nd and Chestnut

Italian restaurant Zavino is hoping to transport the vibe of its 13th Street location to its newest outpost at 3200 Chestnut Street.Zavino officially opened its doors Saturday night to a crowd eager to try Zavino’s signature pizzas, pastas and small plates.
03/05/14 7:37pm
Federal Donuts will be officially opening its doors on campus on Monday, March 10. This is the third location of the famous donut and fried chicken shop, located on 3428 Sansom St.
03/04/14 8:48pm

Stained glass in ARCH Cafe sparks controversy among Korean students

Students sat down with administrators to discuss a piece of stained glass in the ARCH Cafe that some see as offensive.
02/20/14 6:24pm

Eco-Reps to host zero-waste game

When the men’s basketball game against Harvard is over this Friday, don’t forget to recycle or compost your waste.
02/19/14 7:28pm

Congressman claims financial aid policies violate laws

Earlier this month, a congressman identified over 100 colleges in the nation, Penn included, whose financial may have been violating a federal law This act would be in violation of the Higher Education Act that Congress passed in 1992.
02/09/14 1:33pm
Structured, Active, In-Class, Learning aims to bring more student discussion and participation to the current class structure by making lectures “active” instead of “passive”.
02/06/14 10:16pm
A whole afternoon of food and celebration filled the Arts, Research and Culture House at Thursday’s ARCH Open House.
01/30/14 6:46pm

01/29/14 5:13pm
After months of student dissatisfaction about the dining program at Hillel, Bon Appétit and Penn Dining introduced new changes that will see the return of meal swipes at Falk DIning Commons.
01/21/14 6:09pm
The new PennCards, issued to Gregory College House residents last week, feature the contactless card pilot system, which has been underway in the college house since last summer.
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