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08/30/14 5:07pm

Guest column by Jennie Shulkin | Considering mandatory national service

One does has to wonder how Americans can feel so fiercely entitled to their civil liberties for their entire lives, but are unwilling to give even 1 year of service to maintain such freedoms and repay debts to such a magnificent nation.
11/18/13 5:27pm

Guest Column by Jennie Shulkin | A community divided

Even if I was able to obtain on-campus housing this past year, though, the diversity that was present in the freshman dorms would be non-existent.
08/27/13 10:21pm
Attracting thousands of the world’s top Jewish athletes from around 80 nations, the World Maccabiah Games is the third largest international athletic competition in the world.
08/20/13 2:56pm

06/19/13 7:34pm

Guest Column | The internship dilemma

The Fox Searchlight ruling helps us to realize that internships are not accomplishing what they were designed to do. An intern theoretically accepts a position in return for a learning experience, not an opportunity to do menial labor such as licking envelopes for seven hours a day, five days a week.
04/23/13 8:34pm
This July, over 40 Penn students and alumni will embark on a three-week journey to Israel for the experience of a lifetime. It will certainly be a learning experience but not in the usual sense.
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